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The Lowa Boots Patrol, part of the Task Force Collection, doesn't have the Gore-Tex lining of the Lowa Mountain or Combat Boots. However, what this means in practice, is that thanks to the single Cambrelle® hard wearing lining, you have a more versatile pair of Lowa boots that will dry out quicker if your feet have been fully submersed and will provide maximum breathability and heat management in warmer climates.

Cambrelle® as a synthetic lining, is insulated for colder climates and ventilated for warmer climates. These boots are smart, durable, easy to look after, and incorporate all of Lowa’s fantastic foot technology. This makes the Patrol Boot an excellent all-rounder, for uniform and those dedicated to the pursuit of an outdoor life anywhere. Lowa Patrol Boots are ideal for police, security professionals, military and emergency services personnel.

With no breaking in time you can literally hit the ground running. The Vibram Tsavo sole will give you excellent grip whatever the terrain, the polyurethane midsole will make you feel as if your feet have built in cushions, and are even crampon compatible (strap on). The Lowa Boots Patrol is a tough boot that will take whatever you can throw at it. But make no mistake, these are hard-working boots that not only protect and support your feet and ankles thanks to the achilles leather flex panel in the heel, but do so with a superior level of comfort.

Added to the impressive array of features (including Lowa climate-control system and climate-control insoles to keep your feet fresh and odour-free), they also come in half sizes to ensure a precise fit whatever your shoe size. Sizes 4-5.5 are specifically designed for a woman’s footbed and every size is resoleable, making them excellent value for money.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are what some happy customers have said about these Lowa Boots Patrol:

“Don’t be put off by the relative high price for these boots, as you get what you pay for! I was dubious about paying over £100 for a pair of boots, but what you get is excellent quality, durability and support. Warm and water resistant (who needs waterproof anyway? I don’t make a habit of standing out in the wet long enough for it to soak through). Have worn these on numerous deployments and they have never let me down. Historically, the boots I have bought needed to be ‘worn in’ and were uncomfortable from the box, but these slipped on, and gave me no discomfort at all! Well worth buying!”

“I did feel like i was walking on air in them and felt so much taller, they were so comfortable and i'm really glad that i spent the money on a good pair of boots for work, i don't intend to buy another pair for a while if i can help it!!!”

“These boots I have only recently purchased and have worn without the usual pain and discomfort you would expect from a new boot. They are simply brilliant and I would advise anyone thinking of buying a pair to do so."

•Construction: board lasted upper - cemented sole
•Upper: full grain leather, 2.4 - 2.6 mm
•Lacing: open hooks
•Lining: Cambrelle
•Sole: Vibram® "Tsavo"
•Upper height inside/outside: 170/215
•Usage: rough terrain
•Weight: 1688 g/pair

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