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Army Boots

Army Boots

Our Military Boots are of the highest quality and include brands such as 5.11, Lowa and Meindl. Choose PatrolStore Army Boots

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The Combat GTX Lowa Army boot is part of the Task Force collection and is in use by all branches of the Armed Forces, police teams and those who pursue an outdoor life. The Combat GTX has a higher leg than the Patrol and Mountain which offers greater support and protection to the lower leg and ankle. These are hard wearing army boots that support your ankles and feet superbly but also do so with great comfort. Features include a full grain leather lining, offering a resistant lining, paired with a Gore-Tex backing which is waterproof and comfortable. Midsole/ outsole: features a Vibram 'Tsavo' sole for superb grip on a variety of surfaces. The midsole is made up of polyurethane for comfortable walking and cushioning. These boots also feature the Lowa climate control system and an Achillles leather flexible panel for comfort.

The Meindl Army Gore boot is a mountain terrain boot that is tough. It is lined with Gore-Tex with a leather lining as well as a soft tongue rand and heel panel for comfort. Overheating is prevented by the Air Active footbed. For optimum performance, these boots feature Vibram and Multigriff soul. Meindl used nature as their inspiration and took advantage of the qualities found in the Capra ibex hoof in the soles, which is made up of a concave cross section, for shock absorption and superb stability. There is also a flexible diagonal fixing system on the instep that was developed especially for Meindl and the lacing system ensures a good fit.

The HRT Advance Desert Boots are a classic and are made for the modern battlefield. The soldier of today is expected to be nimble and able to pursue combatants over diverse terrain. They feature an aggressive outsole and side zip. Featurs include a rough out full grain leather and denier Cordura upper and a midsole made from Polyurethane and a lining made from Cambrelle Nylon.

We also stock 5-11 boots.

Here are some army boots and other military boots that you may be interested in:

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