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Patrol Boots and Patrol Footwear

Discount Patrol boots stocked at include the outstanding Lowa range, featuring the Patrol boot and the Combat GTX. Also currently in stock are the Grafters Police boots and Magnum Hi-Tec Elite Spyders. All of these boots are manufactured to the highest standard and are used throughout the UK in a range of industries including the Police, military and private security sector.

The Lowa Patrol boots are some of the best made boots available today. They feature sturdy, water-repellent 2.6mm full grain leather, a Vibram Tsavo sole for excellent grip on all surfaces and Lowa climate-control system and climate-control insoles to keep your feet at the optimum temperature. They are extremely versatile boots, capable of performing well in any situation. If you are looking for a boot that gives you more support in the lower leg and ankle then the Lowa Combat GTX is for you. It has a higher leg for better support and a Gore-Tex backing for outstanding comfort and waterproofness.

The Grafters M671A Leather Police Boot features an 8" height that gives good ankle protection, whilst the shank in the mid section provides extra support. This is coupled with a stabiliser in the heel, rounding off a very durable and versatile everyday use boot. The M668A is very similar and is a good choice for anyone who is on their feet all the time. There is a speed lace up system for on-call use and the non-slip durable rubber sole provides good grip. There is a padded collar and tongue in this patrol boot which really proves its worth when standing up on duty for long periods of time.

The Magnum Elite Spider - 8" Leather and Nylon is highly anticipated and is positioned to rival all competitors in the market as the lightest weight, most breathable and athletic patrol boot from our range of discount magnums. It is a full twenty percent lighter than any other boot in this category and is built specifically for running. It is sure to be a runaway success in the patrol boots market so to grab pair for yourself head over to Patrol Store today.

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