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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

5.11 Boots Review

5.11 boots are the worldwide number one choice of boots worn by police forces, EMS specialists, firefighting professionals, and tactical operators around the globe. The full collection covers hardened military boots to covert and comfortable tactical shoes. The range of footwear gives the traction, agility, and resilience to maintain peak performance all day long. All their boots have been meticulously tested by the US elite forces and are continually being improved upon thanks to feedback from operators in the field.

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5.11 Boots History

5.11 Tactical Equipment started as a line of clothing designed by mountaineer Royal Robbins who, on reaching the top of a climb in Yosemite California, noticed that the trousers he was wearing were not fit for purpose. He made the decision there and then to design something more durable and with increased functionality. He already owned a boot and clothing company and began manufacturing trousers under the name “5.11” that already had a trademarked tactical strap and slash pocket design in 1968.

The proprietary Shock Mitigation System, makes the 5.11 tactical and uniform boots highly mobile and surprisingly comfortable, increasing the wearer’s focus and maximising their ability to respond effectively. The tactical boot range is also ideally suited to hiking, hunting, and camping and their low profile tactical footwear is perfect for both casual and CCW wear.

5.11 Boots At Patrol Store

Patrol Store’s best selling 5.11 boot is the 5.11 XPRT Tactical Boot. The USA full-grain leather and 1200D nylon upper is comfortable and durable. These tactical boots come with a Sympatex® waterproof-breathable membrane and an antibacterial and moisture-wicking lining which will keep your feet comfortable and dry. You’ll also be protected from the hidden dangers of blood borne pathogens. Designed to be fast, lightweight and responsive, the XPRT Tactical Boots incorporate cutting-edge design features, traditional construction processes for proven durability and are great value.

The XPRT Tactical 5.11 Boots are designed for true tactical operations. The exclusive 5.11 Kick-Toe is a revolutionary idea in footwear technology. The Kick-Toe is made of a high strength composite that protects your toes against accidental impacts by breaching gear, door frames or the guy in front of you. They have included their Talon Stabilizer™, a first in Law Enforcement footwear. The Talon yoke wraps around your ankle and locks your foot securely in its grasp, giving the XPRT Tactical Boots an extraordinary level of support while keeping the tactical boots lightweight and comfortable. The trade mark Cinch System™ allows you to securely fasten your tactical boots and just as quickly release them. The Cinch System™ can be removed entirely and used on it own as a handy system to secure paracord. You can wear these tactical boots right out of the box with no break in period. You’ll feel like you are wearing running shoes because they have been designed to be fast. The oil and slip resistant, quiet outsole allows you to move quietly in any tactical situation, even on wet surfaces.

The XPRT Tactical 5.11 Boots are exceptional value for use in tactical operations. With features found in tactical boots often twice the price, these tactical boots will be your tactical operations footwear of choice as soon as you put them to use.

Whatever the environment, and wherever your next mission takes you, 5.11 boots and footwear are engineered to give you lasting performance and utility without slowing you down.

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