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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

5.11 Tactical Equipment Review

5.11 Tactical Equipment, the authentic and first tactical brand, creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 Tactical Equipment leads the industry that it created, in delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe.

5.11 Tactical Equipment History

5.11 Tactical Image5.11 Tactical started as a line of clothing designed by mountaineer Royal Robbins who, on reaching the top of a climb in Yosemite California, noticed that the trousers he was wearing were not fit for purpose. He made the decision there and then to design something more durable and with increased functionality. He already owned a boot and clothing company and began manufacturing trousers under the name "5.11" that already had a trademarked tactical strap and slash pocket design in 1968. “5.11” is originally a rock climbing difficulty level as listed in the Yosemite Decimal System. It is officially defined as ‘after thorough inspection, you conclude this move is impossible; however, occasionally someone actually accomplishes it’.

The full range of 5.11 tactical equipment includes jackets, trousers, shirts, shorts, base layers, watches, nylon gear & holsters, training gear & performance underwear, belts, knives, tactical vests, torches kit bags and rucksacks. Notorious for their quality and innovative designs, all 5.11 bags and trousers are specifically designed with the specialist needs of the end users. The range is designed by – and for – professionals worldwide from all across the public safety sector. 5.11 are innovators who make purpose built gear for the most demanding missions.

5.11 Tactical Equipment Available At Patrol Store

One of PatrolStore’s biggest sellers is the 5.11 Rush-72 hour Backpack. It offers outstanding functionality and durability. They are made with 1050 durable water-resistant nylon and feature re-designed contour yoke system shoulder straps. Heavy-duty self-repairing YKK® zippers and re-designed rain flys, keep your gear secure and dry. The Rush 72 is sized for a three-day excursion and features larger compartments throughout, plus an adjustable waist and with built-in hip pads. It makes extensive use of molle-compatible webbing on the front and sides as well as name tape and flag holders. All the backpacks feature internal hydration compartments with hangers and toggles.

Another top seller are the 5.11 Level 1 9” Socks. This 9” Sock is designed to accompany all of the boots in the 5.11 Boots series. Constructed with multiple zones of compression and fabric blends for increased blood circulation, heat reduction and moisture wicking, the 9” socks are an integral part of 5.11’s footwear Shock Mitigation System™. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable and allow you to move quickly and easily in any situation.

Long days on your feet can be very wearing on not only your feet but also your entire body. 5.11 Tactical Equipment Series recognizes the importance of providing your feet and body with the best protection possible, so they created a series of socks that, in combination with the 5.11 boots, give your feet a protective platform to reduce fatigue and promote comfort and stability.

Whenever you buy a pair of 5.11 Boots, why not buy a pair of their socks to round out the perfect footwear team? In combination with their boots you’ll have their trademark Shock Mitigation System®. Once you’ve worn these socks, you’ll see that they are true value in their durability, comfort and looks. Be sure to get several pairs of each style.

Whether your mission is a search and rescue call-out, a high-risk warrant service or just living your life to the fullest, 5.11 Tactical is committed to providing you with apparel and gear that is up to the task at hand.

Visit the 5.11 Tactical area on Patrol Store for further details.