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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00
Ampel Probe with Tactical Holster

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Ampel Probe with Tactical Holster

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Ampel Probe with Tactical Holster

The Ampel Probe acts as an extension of your own hand to prevent needle sticks, razor or knife cuts while searching homes, individuals, prison cells, vehicles or other hidden or hard to reach places. The Probe also maintains evidence integrity by preventing cross-contamination, while used in conjunction with latex tip covers.

The Ampel Probe is made of highly sensitive thermoplastic which provides tactile feedback to detect objects regardless of size. The Probe's precision interlocking teeth, grip objects securely and there is a textured, spring-loaded handle for safe, secure handling. Heat tolerance is up to 325°F. The Probe’s high glass content means it does not conduct electricity.

The Probe is supplied with a tactical holster made of ballistic nylon. This allows the Probe to be easily stored and carried. You can clip it on your belt, hang it on a visor, or place it in a glove compartment or duty bag, for quick, easy accessibility. It's so easy to use and carry there’s never an excuse to be without it.

The Probe provides a 12" barrier between you and potential harm. It is sensitive to vibration and is good for turning out pockets, searching vehicles and it can be used instead of a hand search, to detect hidden articles.

Ampel Probe Features:
• Ampel Probe
o 12” (30.48cm) in length
o Just under 3” (7.62cm) in width, closed
o Weighs 229.64g
o The holster weighs 17.01g
• Nose
o Full 8” in length
• Forceps or Jaws
o Capable of opening up to 4” (10.16cm) wide
• Handle
o Finger-indented handle for easy gripping
• Spring
o Enables the Ampel Probe to be opened freely
o The spring may be removed if the user does not want it
• Joint
o Gives the user plenty of leverage
o Dexterity in grasping and releasing objects of various sizes and weights
• Easy to use by both right and left-handed people
• Helps protect your hands from injury and exposure to blood-borne pathogens by providing critical stand-off distance
• Neutralizes sexual harassment incidences during individual pat-downs
• Prevents evidence cross-contamination for those working in the forensics field
• Highly sensitive thermoplastic construction provides tactile feedback
• Precision interlocking teeth securely grip objects
• Heat tolerant up to 325°F
• Non-conductive, non-sparking
• Exceeds OSHA requirements
• Lightweight and extremely durable
• Low maintenance
• Lifetime warranty
• Saves you time and money
• Places the power to control one's safety back in the user's hands
• Spring-loaded handle for maximum ease of use
• Heavy duty, non-shearable centre bolt
• Interlocking teeth to grip objects securely

The Ampel Probe has been used by the following forces and services in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland:

• North Wales Police
• Strathclyde Police
• Gloucestershire Police
• Scotland Prison Service
• The Irish Prison Service
• West Yorkshire Police
• Grampian Police
• British Transport Police
• Tayside Police
• Police Service of N. Ireland
• Northumbria Police
• Fife Constabulary
• Northern Ireland Prison Service
• Thames Valley
• Central Scotland
• Irish Customs Service
• Derbyshire Constabulary
• Lothian & Borders
• Bedfordshire Police
• Cumbria
• Scotland Police College
• Kent Police
• Lincolnshire Police
• HM Customs & Excise



BrandProtective Outfitters
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Product NumberAmpel-001
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