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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Bates Delta 8” Side Zip Boots Customer Review

Bates Delta 8 Inch Side Zip Boots Image

Having been wearing Bates boots for several years now (Bates Falcons) I jumped at the chance to try a new pair of Bates boots and tried the Bates Delta 8” Side Zip Boots.

I have found Bates boots to be of a high quality and having worked shifts in all weathers and having everything thrown at them as well as driving they are still going strong.

I got a pair of Bates Boots Delta 8” Side Zip from Patrol Store, where I got my previous boots from. The boots arrived, well packaged, the next day and having ordered from Patrol Store I’m confident should there be any issues they will be quickly resolved.

On opening the box the first thing you notice about the boots is the quite aggressive outsole and general sleek design of the boots. The boots, which are completely black with an unobtrusive Bates logo on the side, are of a mixed leather and fabric construction with mostly double stitching joining the leather to the fabric part of the boots.

The front half of the boot is primarily leather with the rear part being a mix of leather and fabric. There appears to be substantial heel support with these boots incorporating the outsole which is ribbed at the rear of the boot.

The eyelets are of moulded plastic and appear of sturdy construction.

On the inside edge of the boot there is a zip from the top of the boot down to the outsole with the idea being that once you have tied the laces to your satisfaction you can then use the zip when putting on and taking off the boots for ease of use and speed. The upper part of the zip is protected by a Velcro tab.

The underside of the Bates Boots Delta 8” Side Zip incorporates a fairly soft rubber sole with an aggressive tread pattern. The lugs on the sole are spaced quite far apart so should avoid getting clogged with mud as well as being easy to clean. The tread on the sole is split into distinctive front and rear sections with a smaller band of tread in the middle. This smaller band of tread is flanked by reinforced areas making the boots suitable for rope work etc.

There is very little lateral twist in the sole of the boot leading me to believe that they will be quite stable.

The toe section of the boot is protected at the front by the outsole and then a small area of internally reinforced leather. These boots do not have a protective toe cap.

The boot is a mid-weight boot with each boot weighing in at 830g for a size 11 (45) and due to their construction and materials used provide a semi trainer like feel.

Bates seem to have got the internal padding of these boots just about right with neither too much nor too little padding.

Internally these boots feature Bates Individual Comfort System (ICS). This consists of a standard insole over the ICS insert. The ICS insert, which is fully removable, consists of foot bed shaped impact resistant foam with a gel dial at the rear where the heel of the foot sits. There are four settings on the dial, those being Firm, Cushion, Inward and Outward, so the boot can be adjusted to individual user preference. Due the boots being zipped, the insole and ICS are easy to remove and replace. Instructions on the ICS operation are included in the box.

These boots certainly look the part and although not the be all and end all when choosing boots it certainly makes a difference.

My foot size tends to hover around UK10.5 to UK11 so I opted for size UK11 (EUR45). I dialled up the ICS to firm and slipped the boots on. The boots are very easy to put on thanks to the side zip system. Once zipped up the laces were adjusted to make a secure fit, with the taking off and putting on the boots now controlled by the zip. I found that with the lace and eyelet configuration on this boot you are able to pull the boot in to create a snug and comfortable fit. I believe that this boot would suit different foot widths due to this.

This is the first time I have used a side zip boot having previously dismissed the zip as a bit of a gimmick. I was wrong. Each boot takes a mere couple of seconds to put on and with no laces to mess around with you just pull the zip up and you are ready to go.

The Bates Boots Delta 8” Side Zip are instantly comfortable and feel surprisingly light. The size UK11 fitted me perfectly whilst wearing normal socks. There seems to be plenty of room around the toe area and the foot appears to be held snugly with no appreciable forward and backward movement.

Some boots, when you first wear them, feel big and clumpy. Not so with the Bates Delta 8’s. They feel very stable underfoot and a quick run up and down a set of stairs felt confident and under control. The boots have quite a progressive feel and would allow me to run in them should the need arise. These boots also allow you to turn quickly and with their stability offer the peace of mind that they won’t roll over. The boots, due to the soft rubber compound used on the soles are very grippy. My only concern in this area would be the longevity of the soles due to the soft rubber but on the plus side the tread on the sole is quite deep and it is too early to tell if this would be an issue.

Whilst driving the boots offer plenty of flex in the ankle area to enable safe and comfortable operation of the vehicle pedals and the outsole does not hinder their operation either.

To summarise I would say that the boots would make an excellent patrol boot where grip, stability and comfort are required. The Bates Boots Delta 8” Side Zip are well put together and are of a high quality with the side zip and ICS being the icing on the cake.

MB1, Response Officer

Video review of Bates Delta 8 Side Zip Boots