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Dr Martens

Dr Martens Boots ImageAt Patrol Store, we offer a wide range of Dr Martens boots to suit your budget.

History of Dr Martens Boots

The Griggs family of Northampton in the English Midlands had been making boots since 1901 in the heartland of British shoe-making, the family was successful, established and respected.

In response to a foot injury on a skiing trip, Munich-based Dr Maertens and his university friend Dr Funck invented an air-cushioned sole and were looking for like-minded innovators. Griggs contacted Dr Maertens, the name was anglicized to Dr Martens, a plan hatched and a legend born on April 1st, 1960.

Dr Martens ‘Made in England’ range is created at the unique Cobb’s Lane factory, which has been producing footwear for the Griggs family since 1901. It is the home of the original Dr Martens boot. Within these modest factory walls work a close knit family of people steeped in traditional shoe-making methods.

The factory started producing what are effectively Dr Martens safety boots. Used commonly by those who needed a practical working boot, that also looked smart - Dr Martens Boots bull to a mirror shine and have graced police parade grounds since being introduced!

The history of Dr Martens is very rich and in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Dr Martins boots crossed over from work wear and became popular with the 'younger generation'.

Previously, young people had been stylistic carbon copies of their elders. But with the advent of first-generation rock 'n' roll and also Teddy Boys, a generational division cracked open that would never again be shut.

It is now common to see Dr Marten Boots being worn in the high st, with Dr Martens Airwair being a firm favourite. There is also a roaring second hand market for Vintage Dr Martens Boots, so if you've got an old pair (or your Dad was a rocker and still has his) don't chuck them away until you've found out their value!

Dr Martens Boots Range At Patrol Store

Patrol Store stock a wide range of Dr Martens boots. Please see the below short video to see the range of Dr Martens police boots.

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Dr Martens Police Boots

Dr Martens Police Boots ImageThe all new Dr Martens Police Boots range re-invents the traditional Dr Marten police boot to bring a fresh new look and advanced tactical features packed into a boot with all the quality standards you would expect from a British brand with a strong heritage in safety and work wear industries.

At PatrolStore, we offer a wide range of Dr Martens boots to suit your budget. At the top end of the scale is the Dr Martens Shack Waterproof Boot. This is a super-fast lightweight waterproof boot. The high level of slip resistance means that no matter the situation you can trust the protection and traction of this boot.

The full Sympatex® membrane ensures a breathable and waterproof product that delivers on comfort with full grain leather and Cordura upper plus Smartmask® PU comfort insole.

Features include:

Upper: Waterproof Industrial Leather and Water Resistant Cordura Nylon Padded

Collar Padded Tongue

Hardware: Heavy Duty Metal Eyelets

Laces: Industrial Strength Cord Lacing

Lining: Sympatex Waterproof Membrane with Foam Backed Mesh Lining

Footbed/Insole: Removable Smartmask PU-cushioned Footbed with Agion Treatment

Outsole: Cemented Sole with PU Midsole and Rubber Outsole Heat resistant to 300oC

Construction: Cemented

Slip Rating: SRC

Safety Features: Waterproof Slip Resistant Heat Resistant Outsole

The more affordable Dr Martens Paco Patrol Boot is designed to meet the high demands of police and security patrol work. The Paco Patrol Boot was designed to pack Dr Martens quality into an economical price point, making it ideal for those on a budget who don't want to keep buying replacements a few months down the line.

The Dr Martens Paco Police Boots feature an industrial strength action leather and ballistic mesh upper, heavy duty metal eyelets, and lightweight construction. The removable Smartmask® PU footbed and hardwearing rubber sole with PU-midsole provide comfort and durability.

The Dr Martens service boot collection marks the return of the original British police boot to the market. Dr Martens have been collaborating extensively with police and security officers to fully understand their needs. This comprehensive research has produced the newly launched Paco, Trent and Marshall, all of which offer a uniquesole that provides comfort, durability and outstanding slip resistance as well as heat resistance up to 300oC.

Inside every boot there is also a deep Smartmask® cushioned footbed with an Agion® anti-microbial treatment, which ensures that every step taken is done so in complete confidence and comfort. With exceptional quality and design these Dr Martens boots truly are fit for purpose.

If you're looking for Cheap Dr Marten Boots please see our Dr Martens Boots category for our current offers.

For more on the history please check Dr Martens on Wikipedia.