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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Grafters Stealth Boots

The Grafters Stealth Boot 6inch M497A is an extremely lightweight boot built for speed. With no metal components in its construction, they are airport and scanner friendly.

Grafters Stealth BootsAdd to this the Grafters Stealth Boot's durable breathable lining, that helps maintain warmth on long shifts no matter what the conditions and you have a good all round boot, ideal for police and security personnel or those who want to stay 'light on their feet'.

Not only will you be able to run in these Grafters boots, you will also be able to drive in them easily.

The Grafters Stealth Boot 6″ M497A'S upper is made from leather and nylon, the collar and tongue are both padded for extra comfort. When wearing these Grafter boots, your feet remain comfortable, no matter how long on duty - thanks to the cushioned insole and the shock absorbing midsole.

The Grafters Stealth boot also features a robust durable non­slip rubber sole, that gives the wearer grip, even at speed.

The 6″ version of the Grafters Stealth boot provides greater ankle dexterity and is ideal for those who do not need or want the ankle support you get from the 8″.

The Grafters Boots range offers an economically priced alternative to the ever popular Magnum Police Boots.

Now with the Grafter Stealth boot coming in the 6" range, the build quality, materials and life expectancy reflect the purchase price but for lighter users, indoor security guards for example.

These Grafters boots are ideal and won’t break the bank. As a rule of thumb, Grafters supply high quality boots for an affordable price. This view must be shared by a lot of officers as the company Grafters continue to expand.

When you are looking to buy police boots similar to Grafters then the other brand that you may want to take into to account are Magnum. The two companies supply similar boots and they both retail at similar prices.

Now you are probably not going to find many breathable waterproof boots for under £50 yet Grafters offers two:

The first of these is the Grafters 8 Inch Leather Ambush Waterproof Boot M107A which boasts of durability. Fashioned from black coated action leather, these super lightweight boots which are popularly worn by police, security and cadets have rubber/phylon soles making them super grippy whatever the surface or terrain.

These JontexTM waterproof Grafters boots work well whether in wet or dry seasons and the non metal lightweight toe will not trigger metal detectors, making them airport friendly. The breathable membrane, padded collar & tongue, cushioned insole and shock absorbing midsole all contribute to make these an extremely comfortable pair of boots.

The other is the Grafters Sniper 8 Waterproof Police Boot Leather and Nylon ­ M482A which is a lightweight, durable, waterproof boot that provides excellent protection from the elements. It is suitable for all security and police personnel at an affordable price.

The Grafters Stealth boot is created from black coated leather and textile with a padded collar and tongue. The thinsulate lining caters for wearers in cool conditions or who participate in high activity. It helps to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature without any added weight.

The Grafters Sniper 8 Waterproof Police Boot Leather and Nylon ­ M482A has a water repellent upper and a Jontex waterproof and breathable membrane, meaning they work well in wet and dry seasons.

The Stealth boot’s breathable membrane, padded collar and tongue and moisture wicking footbed all contribute to making this boot extremely comfortable.

The steel shank offers excellent support whilst the durable rubber sole gives them superb grip. This is coupled with a heel stabiliser and toe bumper.

So if you are looking for a lightweight, airport friendly boot, look no further than the Grafters Stealth Boot 6″ M497A. But don’t just take our word for it. Happy customers extol their virtues:

“I have been a fan of grafters for a few years. Tough, durable and incredibly comfortable. Always seem cheaper than other manufactures but the boot is still of amazing quality and last for a long time.

I have never had to really break the boot in, and always been able to wear straight from the box with no nasty blisters. Well waterproofed but remaining a breathable and comfortable delight. Can’t beat it for the price or quality.”

“Good boot bought as described. good alternative for easy wearing. durable and comfortable.”

The famed Grafters Monkey Boots are no longer available on Patrol Store.

The Grafters definition being based around hard work and creating safety boots that meet those demands, these Grafters Stealth boots fit the brand name perfectly in our opinion and are most definitely 'hard working', practical, comfortable and good value for money.

So if you are looking for a lightweight, 6″, metal free, rubber soled boot, check out the Grafters Stealth Boot 6inch ­M497A boot today!