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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Gun Holsters Review

Gun Holsters ImageReview Of Gun Holsters Stocked By Patrol Store

PatrolStore stock a range of gun holsters in a variety of colours and styles including covert, belt mounted and drop leg holsters from Thumbdrive, Blackhawk, 5.11 Tactical, Webtex and Viper.

All of our pistol holders are specifically designed to meet the needs of tactical professionals in either the Police, military or armed security services using only the best quality materials and construction from leading gun holster brands.

Gun Holsters Buying Guide

In general, holsters are designed to offer protection to the handgun, secure its retention, and provide ready access to it.

The ability to access your weapon quickly is often contradictory to the need to keep it secure and protected, so when purchasing a holster, you must balance these different functions and pick the right holster for you.

Getting the right balance is important, especially in regards to a defensive weapon holster, where inability to access the weapon quickly or damage or potential loss of the weapon due to lack of retention or protection could result in serious injury or death to the user.

Gun Holsters Design

Holsters are generally designed to be used one-handed, allowing the handgun to be taken out and/or replaced with the same hand.

So that the handgun can be replaced in the holster one- handed, the holster needs to be made from stiff material that holds its shape, so that it won’t go out of shape when the gun or pistol is no longer inside the holster to give it support.

When seconds count, rugged dependability and expert craftsmanship make all the difference.

5.11 Gun Holsters

Designed by word-class engineers, and built from temperature-tolerant polymers, 5.11 Tactical Gun Holsters are lightweight, secure, and built to last.

Built in partnership with Blade-TechTM, the unique ThumbdriveTM tactical gun holsters combine superior retention with a lightning fast draw, providing a perfect blend of patrol safety and tactical utility.

If you need concealed carry holsters, 5.11 offer several selections that can be mounted inside the waist or at the back.

For tactical operators, their MOLLE-compatible holsters provide a fully customizable carry. Whatever your role or requirements, 5.11 Gun Holsters offer lasting performance and dependable action, keeping you prepared for anything.

Click 511 Holsters to check out the 5.11 holster range and for more information.

Viper Gun Holsters

The Viper drop leg gun holster is fully adjustable to accommodate virtually all semi-automatic pistols, and to suit your requirements or role.

Worn best in a drop leg format this holster will allow quick access even if you’re wearing body armour and/or an assault vest above it. For more info on this, please click drop leg holsters.

Not only is the Viper gun holster adjustable to take different pistols, it can also be adjusted around the girth of the leg and can also be raised or lowered dependent upon preference.

This holster is made of durable 600D padded polyester, featuring fully adjustable with velcro fastening, quick-release leg straps. It is designed to take virtually all pistols.

Click Viper Holsters to check out Patrol Store’s Viper gun holster range.

Protec Quick-Draw Pistol Bum Bag

The Protec Quick-Draw Pistol Bum Bag looks like any other non-descript bum bag yet is designed to conceal mid sized pistols such as Glock 17s and Sig 228s.

The bum bag can be opened speedily with one hand by pulling on the cord toggle. This rips the zip apart and leaves the pistol exposed to draw.

Bum bag carriage can be an advantage when it is not appropriate to carry a pistol on the belt, such as in sports kit or light summer clothing.

This gun holster bag (or as our friends across the pond would call it, fanny pack holster!) can also be configured for ambidextrous use.

Click Protec Quick-Draw Pistol Bum Bag for further information.

UK Holsters Available At Patrol Store

As you can see there are several different types of gun holsters for sale, so whether you are after a covert gun holster, a holster that is belt mounted or a drop leg version, PatrolStore offers you a full range so that you can choose the one most suitable to your line of work.

For our full range please click gun holsters for more information and product listings.

For further please click gun holsters history.