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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Lowa Boots Patrol Review

Lowa have recently introduced a new lightweight category within their Task Force collection (of which the Lowa Boots Patrol is part) to offer more boot varieties to the Emergency Services and continue to increase its range of Safety Boots.

In line with this, Lowa have already introduced a new brown coloured boot in line with the imminent change for UK MoD and continue to offer a wider range of desert boots, as well as combat and tactical boots, suitable for all environments and situations.

Lowa Boots PatrolLowa Patrol Boots Part Of The Task Force Collection

The Lowa Boots Patrol range of boots, is part of the Lowa Task Force Collection, which also includes Lowa Mountain boots and combat boots.

The Task Force Collection has been developed with the needs of individual operatives and operating environments in mind and so, unlike the other Lowa boots in the range, Lowa Patrol boots have a lining made from the unique Cambrelle® material.

This means in practice, that thanks to the single Cambrelle® hard wearing lining, your Lowa Patrol Boots are a more versatile pair of Lowa boots, that will dry out quicker if your feet have been fully submersed – if the lining gets wet, the Cambrelle® lining dries out quickly.

Also the Cambrelle® lining in the Lowa Boots Patrol range will provide your feet with maximum breathability and more importantly, heat management in warmer climates.

For a video review of Lowa Boots Patrol's specifications, please see below.

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Lowa Patrol Boots History

The LOWA Patrol Boots story goes back to 1923, when the company was founded by LOrenz WAgner in the Bavarian village of Jetzendorf near Munich, Germany. Lowa soon gained a reputation for the high quality of handiwork in the well stitched shoes and boots he manufactured – a reputation that is retained and continues with the Lowa Patrol Boot.

Lowa boots today are still built in Europe, under the world’s most stringent manufacturing, environmental and labour regulations. 

Details like how a LOWA patrol boots tongue automatically centres on your foot make a big difference when you’re out on patrol. The tongue of the Lowa Patrol Boot is also padded, so your feet will not be uncomfortable when the laces are pulled tight.

In the construction, no expense has been spared in the materials used to make Lowa Patrol Boots. The same PU (polyurethane) that makes their boots so supportive is also the most durable midsole material available.

PU is more expensive, so not widely used. Boots made with PU last at least twice as long as boots with EVA midsoles. With PU, you get better value for your money and fewer boots end up in the landfill.

Lowa Patrol Boot Specifications

Lowa Boots Patrol feature Cambrelle® – a synthetic lining, Cambrelle® is insulated for colder climates and ventilated for warmer climates. It will also dry out quickly if you get water over the top of your Lowa Patrol Boots during the course of your duties – although as these are 8″ patrol boots, the average puddle shouldn’t cause you a problem!

Lowa Patrol Boots are constructed from an all leather upper – all the leather used in Lowa Patrol Boots manufacturing is sourced in Europe.

These Lowa Boots Patrol are smart, durable, easy to look after, and incorporate all of Lowa’s fantastic foot technology. This makes the Patrol Boot an excellent all-rounder, for uniform and those dedicated to the pursuit of an outdoor life anywhere.

Lowa Patrol Boots are ideal for police, security professionals, military and emergency services personnel.

Lowa Patrol Boots also boast of having no breaking in time – you can literally hit the ground running.

The Vibram Tsavo sole will give you excellent grip whatever the terrain, the polyurethane midsole will make you feel as if your feet have built in cushions, and are even crampon compatible (strap on).

The Lowa Boots Patrol is a tough boot that will take whatever you can throw at it.  But make no mistake, these are hard-working boots that not only protect and support your feet and ankles thanks to the achilles leather flex panel in the heel, but do so with a superior level of comfort.

Lowa Boots Patrol Customer Reviews

But don’t just take our word for it.  Here are what some happy customers have said about these Lowa Boots Patrol:

“Don’t be put off by the relative high price for these boots, as you get what you pay for! I was dubious about paying over £100 for a pair of boots, but what you get is excellent quality, durability and support. Warm and water resistant (who needs waterproof anyway? I don’t make a habit of standing out in the wet long enough for it to soak through). Have worn these on numerous deployments and they have never let me down. Historically, the boots I have bought needed to be ‘worn in’ and were uncomfortable from the box, but these slipped on, and gave me no discomfort at all! Well worth buying!”

“I did feel like i was walking on air in them and felt so much taller, they were so comfortable and i’m really glad that i spent the money on a good pair of boots for work, i don’t intend to buy another pair for a while if i can help it!!!”

“These boots I have only recently purchased and have worn without the usual pain and discomfort you would expect from a new boot. They are simply brilliant and I would advise anyone thinking of buying a pair to do so.”

Added to the impressive array of features (including Lowa climate-control system and climate-control insoles to keep your feet fresh and odour-free), they also come in half sizes to ensure a precise fit whatever your shoe size.

Sizes 4-5.5 are specifically designed for a woman’s footbed and every size is resoleable, making the Lowa Boots Patrol excellent value for money.