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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Lowa Elite Light Boots Review

Lowa Elite Light Boots Available At Patrol StoreLowa Elite Boots (also known as Lowa Elite Light) are Lowa’s flagship lightweight boot and are ideal for long foot patrols or tabbing.

Lowa Elite Light’s have lightweight construction and along with the exceptionally high quality materials used in the construction, combine together in Elite Light boots, so that it is the perfect blend of Lowa’s military quality and the lightweight construction, that is ideal for modern Police and security operatives.

Lowa Elite Boots History

Lowa has taken prime position in the military boot market recently, overtaking the likes of Hanwag, Meindl and Altberg.

The military boot market has gone through drastic changes over the past ten years.  Prior to this military boots lagged behind civilian developments as far as the use of waterproof membranes were concerned, sole unit development and the thickness and quality of the leathers used in construction.

During the early to mid-nineties this started to change and military boot manufacturers started to incorporate these innovations into their design and build.  In conjunction with these technical changes, the aesthetics of the military boot changed to be closer to civilian styling. Gone are the days of the boots you wear in the field being the self same boots that required polishing for parades. It is now much more about specific tools for specific tasks.

Lowa Elite Light Boots Video Review

Please click play to watch the short video review of Lowa Elite Light Boots by Patrol Store’s Aran.

Lowa Boots Launch the Elite Light Range

The Lowa Elite Light Boot is very much an extension of these developments within the military and civilian boot markets.   When purchasing military kit, weight has become increasingly important.  When you are carrying your own body weight, or more out on patrol, then reducing weight becomes important.

The Elite Light achieves this with its simple construction and the use of two weights of leather within its manufacture. This hybrid construction allows the heavier and therefore more durable leather to be focused on key abrasion points, whilst the lighter leather can be used in more robust areas.

This brings the weight of Lowa Elite Light Patrol Boots down to 1.4 Kilos a pair (based on a pair of UK size 8 boots).

On first fitting the light weight of the boot is immediately noticeable – hence the name Lowa Elite Lights fits like a ‘boot’! This is particularly clear when switching to these Lowa Boots from issue footwear.

The fit of Lowa Elite’s is quite snug, but not uncomfortable. The lacing system is quick and easy to use with an open hook lacing system to allow for quick on off – ideal at the end of a long shift.

The boot itself is relatively high legged giving a good sense of security despite its light weight. The Lowa Elite Light Boot does not have a waterproof membrane although provided the leather is well cared for, it will provide good protection from water.

Built using full grain leather at 2.2-2.4mm thick in all areas, the Vitatex Lining allows for comfort and dryness in all situations and the Vibram Aconcagua sole means that you can be assured you will keep sure-footed whilst on duty.  The mid sole of a boot provides the majority of the cushioning and support to the foot.  The boot comes with a fairly simple but effective footbed .

The Lowa Elite Light Boot is ideal for modern police officers who want the durability of a Lowa product with the lightweight construction that is ideal for modern urban policing.

Lowa Elite Light Boots Tech Features

o Construction: board lasted upper, cemented sole

o Upper: full grain leather 2.2-2.4 mm

o Lacing: open hooks

o Lining: Vitatex

o Sole: Vibram® “Aconcagua” resolable

o Upper height inside/outside: 190/240

o Usage: moderate terrain (mid weight military boot)

o Weight: 1200 g/pair

o Task Force collection

Lowa Elite Light Womens Boots

The Lowa Elite Light Boot is available in UK sizes 6-13, so the smaller sizes are designed for a woman’s footbed making them popular with men and women alike.

Try a pair of Lowa Elite Light Boots today!