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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Lowa Patrol Boot Brown Review

Lowa Patrol Boot Brown Review By Patrol Store

Lowa Patrol Boot Brown Product Page Patrol StoreThe product of 90 years’ worth of European boot-building craftsmanship, the Lowa Patrol Boot Brown offers a non-lined option for those who need a quicker drying time to those who find Gore-Tex® unnecessary for certain tasks, or for regular patrol duties where full waterproofing is unnecessary.

The Lowa Patrol Boot Brown is a member of Lowa’s Task Force collection. Inheriting all the qualities, technical attributes and comfort of the Lowa Mountain Boot, the Lowa Patrol Boot in Brown features a single Cambrelle® hard wearing lining rather than the Gore-Tex membrane.

Cambrelle® as a synthetic lining is insulated for colder climates and ventilated for warmer climates. Smart, durable, easy to look after, and with all of Lowa’s fantastic foot technology combined in a boot for the discerning professional, all help to make the Lowa Patrol Boot an excellent all-rounder, for uniform and non-uniform duties alike for both service and security personnel.

Lowa Patrol Boot Brown Video Review By Patrol Store's Aran

For a detailed visual and talk through, please see below video review of Lowa Patrol Boot Brown by Patrol Store, or continue reading below.

Lowa Brown Patrol Boot History

In 1923 Jetzendorf, with around 570 inhabitants, was just a little village near the Freyberg Castle, surrounded by a few large farms. Most of the folks of Jetzendorf earned their living as day-labourers, woodworkers or brewers and worked up at the castle or in the local brewery.

Down in the village, Johann Wagner ran his own small shoemaking business, working during the day and making music in the evenings. The brass and strings of the Wagner family were well known in the area! Johann Wagner´s sons, Lorenz, Hans and Adolf, worked with him.

They would set out across the fields to the farmers, walking for several hours, with their tools and lasts in a rucksack and their cobblers stools strapped to their chests. At the farms, they would repair shoes or make simple footwear on the spot. The leather was provided by the farmers. Their working day lasted 11 to 12 hours, even on a Saturday.

LOrenz, Hans and Adolf WAgner took the time to look around other shoemakers’ workshops and learned all about ‘Zwienähen’, the double-stitching method used up in the mountains.

Even today, people still speak of the ‘Goiserer’ shoe, a traditional design of shoe, which takes its name from the ‘Goisern’ valley in the Tyrol.

A shoemaker could manage to produce two pairs of such shoes in a day; later, the introduction of machinery meant that three pairs (without the heels) could be made.

The machines were installed in the barn. The ‘Goiserer’ was soon joined by the ‘Bayern’ and ‘Allgauer’ models as, step by step, LOWA began to grow. A room rented from the local tailor and the attic of the family home were pressed into service as workshops. The end of the 1920s saw the start of specialist labour – there were cutters and shapers, and workers responsible for soling, welting and sewing the footwear – the rest was done by machine, and so was born the Lowa brand.

Lowa Patrol Boot Brown & Black Part Of The Task Force Range

The core for Lowa Tactical Boots and Lowa Combat Boots from the Task Force range are the Patrol, Mountain and Combat boots – all hugely popular with army and military personnel. The 3 profiles are quite similar for the Lowa Patrol, Mountain and Combat boots with the Mountain being a Gore-Tex lined version of the Patrol boot and the Combat being a higher leg version of the Mountain (still Gore-Tex lined).

British Army Boots Are Now Lowa Brown Boots!

Recently the Ministry of Defence has signed a multi-million-pound contract for new boots for the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Armed Forces personnel will receive a new range of brown combat boots to replace the black and desert combat footwear they currently wear.

The improved brown Lowa boots, which have been developed to match the Multi Terrain Pattern uniform worn by all service personnel, will be made in two different width fittings, taking into account for the first time the different foot shapes of men and women. As with all Lowas, these Lowa brown boots come in a range of sizes from 4 to 13, with the smaller sizes specifically designed to accommodate a woman’s footbed.

The new Lowa mod brown boots have been chosen after months of trials involving 2000 troops serving across the world in Kenya, Cyprus, Canada and the UK. The brown Lowa boots will be rolled out to personnel in all three services later this year.

Former Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology Peter Luff said:

“This contract will provide our troops with the high-quality footwear they need whilst on operations and back in the UK. Our Armed Forces will have more choice than ever before to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, whatever their role.”

Smart, durable, easy to look after, and with all of Lowa’s fantastic foot technology combined in a boot for the discerning professional, the Lowa Patrol Boot Brown is an excellent all-rounder, for uniform and non uniform duties alike.

Soon to be the British Army boots of choice, check out the product page for these Lowa Brown MoD Boots and see why they’ve been chosen!

Lowa Patrol Boot Brown