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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Lowa Recon Para Boots Review

Lowa Recon Para Boots ImagePart of the Task Force collection, the Lowa Recon Para boots are lightweight, flexible, ‘combat’ boots ideally suited for runs, combat physical training and driving.

Like all Lowa Patrol boots, the Recon Para are tough, yet lightweight, with a number of features that keep your feet protected and comfortable no matter what terrain you have to traverse, they also feature a leather and cordura upper.

Despite the lightweight qualities of the Lowa Recon Para boot, it has good stability and grip suitable for both walking and running (max 25kg backpacks).

The closed top hooks and bottom eyelets make these boots parachute friendly andLowa Recon Para boots are in fact specifically made for the UK market for parachute troop use.


Lowa Recon Para Boots Video Review

If you're short of time, please see the short video Lowa Recon Para Boot review by Patrol Store’s Aran.


Lowa Recon Para Popularity Is Well Founded

The Lowa Recon Para is currently popular with police forces, security companies and military, who know that when you buy a pair of Lowa boots you are buying boots that will last you years.

Whilst Lowa Recon Para Boots are admittedly not the cheapest boots on the market, you are literally paying for what you get.  Other cheaper brands may be appealing to the purse strings, but in the long run, you will probably end up paying for 2 to 3 pairs of cheaper boots, whereas an investment in a pair of Lowa Boots will provide you with several years of loyal service.

Lowa Boots are synonymous with quality and these Lowa Boots Recon Para don’t disappoint. They are great value and offer the fantastic quality you would expect from any Lowa boots combined with Vibram® Vialta sole for good grip and shock absorption; Cambrelle® hardwearing lining; Cordura® top and bottom window to aid breathability and an achilles leather flex panel for extreme comfort.

The climate controlled footbed in these Lowa Military Boots, will ensure that your feet smell fresh and stay dry after even the longest patrol or shift. The speed lacing system ensures that these boots are quick and easy to put on and take off.

The Lowa Recon Para are an all-round excellent, lightweight boot.  

Lowa Recon Para Boot Customer Reviews

Customers who have worn these Lowa Patrol Boots are happy to recommend them:

“I had stress injuries in ball of the foot and my friend recommended these. No regrets buying these. They are very well supported but flexible to walk and run. Pain is gone. Sole has also good grip.”

“An excellent boot. Extremely light, but strong and durable too. As a PTI this boot has proved perfect for me, it has made running in boots a pleasure. I would highly recommend these boots to anyone who requires a comfortable lightweight boot for use during PT, exercises or every day use.”

Lowa Recon Para Boots UK Availability

Whether you fancy getting your hands on a standard pair of black boots, Lowa police boots or are after the newest brown Lowa military boots, you’ll definitely want to check out their massive selection of footwear available direct in the UK via Patrol Store.

With a large range of black and brown military boots for both men and women across a wide range of different styles and colours, Lowa boots come in various ankle heights from mid-height to low ankle support, boots with full grain leather or a GORE-TEX lining, and you can be sure that they’ve got something for you no matter what you’re looking for.

So if you are looking for a lightweight, flexible, combat boot, look no further than the Lowa Recon Para boots.