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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Lowa Uplander GTX Boot Review

Lowa Uplander GTX Boot Product ImageThe lightweight and flexible Lowa Uplander Gtx boot with Gore-Tex(r) is an updated model of the Lowa Recon GTX*, which it has replaced and which, in turn, replaced the Seeker GTX. It is quoted as being designed to answer the need for faster, lighter footwear that can handle the most punishing conditions, and is ideal for temperate PT, field and camp wear.

Due to its light weight, the Lowa Uplander GTX may not be the best boot for wearing while lugging a huge load, but it is perfect for speed; where flexibility is more important than stability.

Unlike the Lowa Zephyr Jungle Boots, the Uplanders are a very traditional looking boot, with no Cordura® forefoot panels or lacing extended towards the toe. The design is functional and there is no unnecessary detailing.

Lowa Uplanders are constructed with quality leather for strength and wear, and a Cordura® ankle to save weight and aid breathability.

Inside the Lowa Uplander boot is a guaranteed waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® layer with a hardwearing Cambrelle® lining (seamless to reduce hot spots). Any heat build up is regulated by the climate control footbed, which has perforations to improve breathability and reduce foot fatigue.

Watch the Lowa Uplander GTX review by Patrol Store for further details or carry on reading below.

The Lowa Uplander boot’s Vibram® Vialta rubber outsole is combined with a bi-injection special performance PU midsole to give good grip and shock absorption, and the full-length plastic stabilisers between the midsole and outsole provide excellent ankle stability and torsional control in rough terrain.

The Lowa Uplander also features easily adjusted lacing. This utilises eyelets at the bottom and hooks from the ankle upwards and keeps your feet held firmly even when cutting around off road up and down hills.

When wearing the Lowa Uplander GTX boot, your feet feel cushioned as well as supported, helped by a leather flex panel at the achilles and the anatomically contoured C4 tongue cradling your forefoot.

The Lowa Uplander Gtx boot with Gore-Tex(r), is popular with military and police alike. It is ideal for rugged use in the field or back country. The boots are available in sizes 6.5 to 12, with the smaller sizes specifically designed to fit a woman’s footbed.

Lowa’s Task Force boot collection is designed to answer the need for faster, lighter footwear that can handle the most punishing conditions. It is smart, durable, easy to look after, and combines all of Lowa’s fantastic foot technology in a patrol boot for the discerning professional. This makes the Lowa Uplander Gtx boot with Gore-Tex(r) an excellent all-rounder, for uniform and non uniform duties alike.

Customer Lowa Uplander GTX Boot Reviews

Customer reviews for the Lowa Uplander have been very positive:

“brilliant pair of boots, sorry to use the cliche but, they do what they say on the tin. Like wearing a pair of slippers. now had mine for a about 18 months and never had a problem. This is after trying a whole range of boots in pretty hard conditions through the summer and winter that either fell apart or had so many ‘hot spots’ they tore my feet to shreds. These boots have done neither. Just hope that they are still available when I need a new pair. (I’m even considering just buying a second pair now just in case the manufacturers decide to ‘improve’ them.”

“First pair of Lowa boots. I was tired of trying to save money by purchasing less expensive footwear only to have to purchase more because the less expensive products failed in less than a year.
The fit is very nice, I took the brand new boots out for an eight mile hike with NO breakin and had no real issues. The terrain varied from dry hard pack dirt to exposed rock mud covered rock to thick mud. The only place I had issues was when traversing the mud covered rock immediately after being in mud. A bit slick, but every boot/shoe I have used on those sections have been slippery.
The boots remained comfortable in the 85° temp with 60+% humidity even with the Gore-tex membrane. I think these will do amazing for hiking, backpacking and hunting in the wet conditions. Can’t wait to see how they fair in the 30°-40° days of my winter camping.”

Patrol Store currently stock Lowa Uplander GTX Black boots. Speak to us about Lowa Uplander Desert boots or other models if required via our contact form.

So if you are looking for a lightweight and nimble boot, look no further than the Lowa Uplander Gtx boot with Gore-Tex(r).