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Maglite Torch Review

Maglite Torch Category Patrol StoreEveryone has their own reason for choosing a Maglite Torch. Maybe your dad kept one in his glove compartment and toolbox, or you know someone who carried one on the force. It could be that you’re looking for the latest LED technology, or you want Built-In-American dependability. Whatever reason you have for choosing a Maglite Torch, you’ll be glad you did.

A USA manufacturer since 1979, Mag Instrument makes torches that are carried by thousands of police officers, emergency responders, military service members, security personnel and ordinary people around the world.

Large Maglite Torch to Mini Maglites In Stock

The Maglite Torch range includes the original Filament Bulb and the new Maglite LED Torches.

From AAA up to 6D Cell, Maglite have provided the torches for the police in the UK and worldwide for many years with their rugged build quality and precision manufacturing. Maglite torches are so widely used, you could almost say they're 'field tested' on a daily basis.

Here at PatrolStore, we stock a wide variety of Maglite Torches including our most popular torch, the LED 3D Cell. The Maglite 3D Cell is a good mid range size. Big enough to have something solid in your hand, it isn't so big that it's going to get in the way when you have to start running around.

This Maglite torch produces an even stronger light source than the traditional Maglite. It doesn't just incorporate longer battery life and a more powerful beam, but also maintains the same durability, reliability and superior performance that all Maglites are known for.

The LED light beam really has to be seen to be believed. Increased illumination will make you better at your job and increase your safety. The increased battery life means that it will cheaper in the long term.

Features of the Maglite LED torch include:
A projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head
Balanced Optics provide a focusing 3 watt LED, optimised to produce a powerful beam
Intelligent Energy Source Management balancing an optimum high brightness with extended battery life
Rugged, machined aluminium construction with knurled design
Anodised inside & out for improved corrosion resistance
Water & Shock resistant

Maglite Torch UK Supplier

Patrol Store is proud to be a Maglite Torches UK supplier. So whether you are after a Maglite 2D, 3D or 4D Cell (LED and non-LED versions), the smaller Maglite Solitaire, the mini maglite AA torch or a LED upgrade kit, PatrolStore can fulfil your requirements from their variety and range of Maglite Torches.