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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Magnum Panther 8.0 Review

The Magnum Panther 8.0 is a comfortable, lightweight and popular 8” boot available in the standard version without side zip.

Magnum Panther 8 BootsAs usual with Magnum Boots, the Panther 8 requires no breaking in time, the toe is roomy and comfortable and the boot has a hardwearing sole.

Magnum Panther 8.0 boots are generally considered far superior to the old Magnum Classic. For avid Magnum Boots wearers, the Magnum Panther 8 is one of Magnum’s most popular models.

Magnum Panther 8.0 boots are very flexible, allowing much more movement whilst worn and they allow your feet to breath.

The Panther boot is well known for its comfortable and supportive design, making them an excellent driving as well as patrol boot.

As always with Magnum, the Panther 8 boots are made to a standard that has become synonymous with the brand.

The high 8” ankle gives excellent firm ankle support and greatly reduces fatigue. Magnum have combined durability and protection with comfort to create the perfect work boot for people who are on their feet all day.

With an excellent grip and moisture wicking the Magnum Panther 8.0 offer professional grade performance ideal for a variety of professions and tasks.

All boots in the Magnum boot range are designed to be comfortable as soon as you put them on your feet from day one.

Here's a short video showing further details of the Magnum Panther 8.0 boot.

To see the product page, please click Magnum Panther 8.0 Boots.

Magnum use a wide range of technology to do this, from 3DMax foot beds to designing the boot to a running shoe last.

3DMax foot beds are designed to fit to your feet as you wear them in. Designing the boots to a trainer’s last makes the boot more lightweight, and therefore softer and kinder on the feet, making Magnum Panther 8.0 the perfect police boot.

Magnum design high quality boots, and include a wide range of specs in their police boots range whether you are after a waterproof boot or a scanner/airport friendly boot. Magnum also offer a range of side zips boot that are easy to put on/take off after a long shift.

A lot of Magnum Boots use a Vibram sole unit. Vibram are known to make the best sole units in the world using a wide range of specific rubbers and compounds.

The Magnum Panther 8.0 Boot benefits from Magna Shield leather and a 900D nylon upper for a finish that’s resistant to abrasion. The removable contour moulded insole is built to last, with a padded collar that protects the heel, as well as a comfortable Nylex inner liner.

Other great features of the Magnum Panther 8 boot include a compression moulded EVA midsole to give long lasting cushioning, a Cambrelle moisture-wicking lining to help keep your feet dry and odour-free and stitching with Coats Barbour anti-fraying thread for extra durability.

Magnum Panther 8’s are a great buy for people looking for a durable, comfortable and grippy boot and is ideal for anyone needing a boot to take on anything at a fantastic price point!

Panther 8 boots are available from sizes 4 to 14, making them popular with men and women alike.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are what some satisfied customers have told us:

“These are the first boots I’ve ever found that don’t need wearing in. They are warm and flexible and yet strong and robust where it’s needed. I see now why my brother who was with the Police always told me to get a pair. He was right and the delivery in less than 48 hours was amazing. Worth every penny.”

“These boots are like slippers! I am on my feet all day everyday in my job. They don’t need ‘breaking in’ they are so comfortable from the first use. Lightweight yet strong and sturdy material. Great support for your ankles, non-slip, and cheap considering they last for years! GREAT BUY!!”

“The boots fit like a glove, very soft and keep my feet warm, plus the excellent price and speedy delivery, what more can i say but fantastic.”

The Magnum Panther 8.0 come with full certification: EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRA for occupational footwear with SRA slip resistance.

Check out our Magnum Panther 8.0 product page for further details.