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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 Boots Review

Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 Boots ImageBuilt like a battleship, these Magnum Stealth Force 8.0  all leather, composite toe and plate boots are designed for the ultimate professional needing comfort, support and durability.  Not only that, but they are a certified as safety boot and are also water resistant - making Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 boots an excellent choice for your year-round work boot.

Magnum Stealth Force Boot Specifications

The Magnum Stealth Force boot has a breathable and durable full grain leather upper with composite hardware which is just as strong as steel but far more lightweight and keeps the boots scanner safe.

The Magnum Stealth Force 8’s composite toe cap protects the foot from falling objects whilst the composite sole plate protects the foot from punctures from below.

Magnum Stealth Force is availble as a women’s boot. The Magnum 8 Stealth Force Boot is comes in sizes 3 to 14, so these Magnums will have a size and fit style suitable for both men and women.

Magnum Stealth Force Boots Review Video

Please see the below short video review by Patrol Store's Aran describing the Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 in detail.

To see the product page and for more details, please visit Magnum Steal Force 8.0.

Magnum Stealth Force Boots History

The Magnum range of quality footwear is probably one of the very best choices of boots for any professional, walker or hiker.  Worn by SWAT, Military Forces, Law professionals and survivalist, Magnum boots offer the very latest in design and technology. Magnum Stealth Force 8 Boots follow in this fine tradition.

Magnum Police Boots are synonymous with quality and good value for money.  Every police officer needs a good pair of patrol boots for when they are on duty and the choice available from Patrol Store covers 6” to 8”, full lace-up to side zip so that you can be confident that the police boots you buy will ideally suit your requirements.

The inside of these Magnum Stealth Force – 8” All Leather, Composite Toe and Plate Boots has a comfortable Cambrelle® lining with an anti-bacterial Agion® treatment to wick moisture from the foot, keeping you dry from sweat and preventing nasty odours. It also features a ¾ bellows tongue and a contour moulded M-P.A.C.T memory foam insole which provides extreme cushioning comfort and support, so your feet will still feel fresh even after a long shift.

The durable, SRC slip resistant carbon rubber outsole with ladder grips and X-Traction, provides high traction and is anti-static, acid & alkali resistant, and insulated against hot & cold.

Magnum Stealth Force Boots Reviews

These Magnum Stealth Force Boots were recently road tested by an EMT and here is his review:

“I got these over a week ago and have been wearing them constantly since. My profession requires me to wear boots as PPE so finding ones that meet various standards are a must. These boots feature a composite toe cap and anti-penetration sole that also is anti slip.  They are also non metallic so won’t cause any issues at airport scanners.

I spend a lot of time often 12 hours or more on my feet both indoors and out so when I say I am fussy about the footwear I use you can rest assured I am not exaggerating.

Right out of the box these boots required no breaking in, a fact I found remarkable considering how robust they are made. For the purpose of the review I did not wear boot socks just my regular ones and encountered no issues with rubbing or stiffness that one often does when wearing new boots. The weight of these boots (approx. 840g per my size 11 boot) is a good weight and I never found them heavy to walk in.

The boots feature a height ankle of 8inches and this suits my preference and Magnum does a shorter 6inch version as well. There is a built in flex point on the joint at the base of the tongue which allows the boot to flex as you kneel or hunker down that is invaluable.  They are also tapered at the very top to make walking and crouching easier.

The build quality seems to be excellent double stitched leather that offers decent water and cold (sub zero) resistance. The interior cushions your feet and moulds to it and features an anti microbe lining. They offer good breath ability when in warm environments and never felt sweaty.  The laces included are strong and resilient.

The sole lives up to its non slip advertisement on wet tiles, soapy wet tiles, concrete, tar, mud and grass. Bit more unstable on hard ground frost but not to a degree to alarm me. Quite comfortable to wear on a metal ladder the soles feature special grip and reinforcement that makes them very stable to climb and stand on ladder rungs.

So after my week what do I think? Well they are big boots and sturdy ones at that, they feature all the safety requirements I need and are perfectly comfortable to wear for hours on end. If I was to change one thing it would be put a side zip on them as taking them off is a little awkward.”

Tested and certified to European Standard EN 20345 for safety footwear, the Magnum Stealth Force – 8” All Leather, Composite Toe and Plate Boots are an ideal choice for industrial workers, emergency medical services and fire and rescue service personnel who need a durable, comfortable boot they can rely on.

To see the product page and for more details, please visit Magnum Steal Force 8.0.