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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Mini Maglite Review

Mini Maglite Review By Patrol Store

Mini Maglite AA Torch ImageIf you are looking for a compact, bright, value for money torch, then look no further than the Mini Maglite AA, which is the perfect size to fit onto a belt or in a pouch.

The Mini Maglite is the same size as the Surefire 6P but nowhere near the cost.

Features of the Maglite mini torch include: high intensity adjustable beam – zooms from flood to spot; rugged machined aluminium construction with knurled design; anodised inside and out for improved corrosion resistance; o-ringed to provide water and shock resistance and even includes a spare bulb included in the housing of the tail cap.

Mini Maglite Torch History

A USA manufacturer since 1979, Mag Instrument makes flashlights that are carried by thousands of law enforcement officers, emergency responders, military service members and ordinary people around the world. Every flashlight made by Mag Instrument, Inc, represents one man’s abiding commitment to product quality, and to the cause of keeping flashlight-industry manufacturing jobs in America.

A champion of free enterprise and US-based manufacturing, Anthony Maglica is the president of Mag Instrument, Inc. and the creator of the Maglite flashlight, armed with only his talent, his determination and his reverence for hard work, Tony Maglica set out in pursuit of the American Dream when he founded Mag Instrument in 1955.

When he went on to design and manufacture a product that revolutionized an industry, he realized that dream in full. In his ongoing pursuit of innovative technology, quality products, design and the customer service to back them up, Mr Maglica has found a strategy that not only creates worldwide demand for his own company’s products, but can also, he believes, help other American companies to build worldwide demand for their products while preserving American manufacturing jobs.

Mini Maglite Torches Today

The Mini Maglite is one in a large range of torches. The Maglite Tactical Torch range includes the original Filament Bulb and the new LED Maglite Torches. From AAA up to 6D Cell, Maglite have provided the torches for law enforcement agencies in the UK and worldwide for many years with their rugged build quality and precision manufacturing.

To see our extensive range direct from the UK, please click Maglite for further products.

Mini Maglite LED ImageThe Mini Maglite Torch LED AA is a massive advancement on the traditional Mini Maglite. This torch emits an even stronger light source than the traditional Maglite. It doesn’t just incorporate longer battery life and a more powerful beam, but also maintains the same durability, reliability and superior performance that all Maglites are known for.

The Mini Maglite LED light beam really has to be seen to be believed. This torch is brighter than most torches 3 times its size. Increased illumination will make you better at your job and increase your safety. The increased battery life means that it will cheaper in the long run.

Features include: a projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head; balanced optics provide a focusing 3 Watt LED, optimised to produce a powerful beam; Intelligent Energy Source Management (patent pending) balancing an optimum high brightness with extended battery life; high-intensity light beam; 1/2 turn, twist focus, spot-to-flood; patented candle mode; high-strength aluminium alloy case, and like the traditional mini maglite, O-ring sealed for water resistance and compact / lightweight construction.

Mini Maglite parts are also easy to come across, which means you can always repair your maglite. The LED Maglite range is very popular because of the increase in power, and you can always customised your old torch with a Mini Maglite LED Upgrade if you want to in the future.

So whether you are after the original Mini Maglite or the ultra-bright mini maglite LED, PatrolStore is here to provide you with the torch best suited to your needs.

For further details and descriptions please see below Mini Maglite Review on Youtube.


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