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Op. Zulu Duty Kit Police Bag - Pre Order Now

Op. Zulu Duty Kit Police Bag - Pre Order Now

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Due 20/04 £ 64.99 RRP £79.99

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Op. Zulu Duty Kit Police Bag - Pre Order Now

The Op. Zulu Duty Kit Police Bag is the professional kit bag built to accommodate all your shift equipment. Designed with specifically sourced materials and components the Op. Zulu Duty Kit Bag provides a rugged, durable, duty hold all with a professional appearance and high quality finish that elevates it above the competition..

The Op. Zulu Duty Kit Police Bag has large main compartment measures 50cm long by 30cm wide by 30cm deep and contains an adjustable or removable central divider. The divider is padded and uses “T” end pieces for attachment. Unlike cheaper “L” constructions used by the competition the “T” construction provides more secure attachment and prevents bowing of the divider. The rigid walls of the main compartment are padded to protects its contents and provide structure and support to the bag.

The inside of the lid of the Duty Kit bag is designed to organize smaller equipment items with individual compartments on the right hand side for phones, stationery, handcuffs and/or a pocket torch. There are a number of pen/pencil holders on the left side along with a handy D ring on a short strap onto which you can clip keys and/or a small clip light

On the front of the bag there are 3 pockets, a larger central square pocket and off set to the right a narrower rectangular pocket both of which seal with a Velcro flap. Off set to the left is an open top sleeve with an elasticated collar designed to hold a larger C or D cell torch.

On the back is a large single padded pocket which can hold a narrow ring binder folder or most 15” laptops.

On each end there is an additional padded square pocket that can accommodate an Ipad size tablet, Kindle or A4 notebook.

The Prison Officer Duty Kit Bag can be carried with its shoulder strap which has a padded, rubberised section at the point of contact for optimal comfort and grip, or using the two carry handles which are fitted with ergonomically designed Duraflex grips to prevent the discomfort experienced with inferior nylon only handles. As with all the hardware on the bag the strap uses black metal clips to attach to the black metal D rings.

On the top of the bag is a clear window ID holder and a Velcro section for attaching velcro badges and patches such as the Large Police and security patches shown in the images and available as suggested items below.



BrandOP Zulu
Bag TypeKit Bag
Bag Size51-60 Litre
Weight2.98 KG
Product NumberOPZDKB
Customer Reviews


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Best bag I've ever had.

I've had this bag since 2014 and its the most durable, hard wearing, rugged bag I've ever used. Its been through loads of abuse, thrown around cars, dumped in offices etc and never let me down.
I carry a lot of equipment for work, paper work, waterproof clothing, stab vest, torches, etc and it holds everything.

The only downside is the clips on the shoulder strap. Over time the metal stretched slightly and they no longer clip in place, meaning the shoulder strap is now useless. However this can be fixed with some strong carabiners.

The dividers inside are great and it comes with solid 'plates' to reinforce the bottom and sides. All of which can be removed if needs be.

Overall it's a great piece of kit to carry everything you need.

Top quality bag

Absolutely fantastic bag.

Lots of room for paperwork, kit and jackets.
This bag can easily fit in the boot of a car with another two same sized bags.

When the bag arrived (the next day) I was surprised how great it was

Anyone that needs a kit bag look no further!

Kit bag

I have had this bag now for 2years and it has been a great piece of kit. I have to confirm all the previous comments.
The only other downside is that the zip has now gone on one side, which was fine as I could use the zip in the other side of the main compartment. But a hole between zip and fabric has started and the zip won't go all the way round anymore.
Apart from this the bag carries everything you need on shift even if heavy and bulky.
Worth buying when on special!

Top Kit

Great piece of kit, does everything you want it to, even better if you can get half price.

Worth every penny

Excellent pice of kit

I ordered this having reviewed all the competition. Ordered on the Monday and delivered on the Wednesday.

As a 'Operational Officer', this bag has all the space you would need to fit all the types of paperwork, Logs, and uniform that are needed on a daily basis, i.e. High Viz, Hat, torch, pens, etc etc. There is even room for my laptop and food....lol

Although large, the fact that I can get absolutely everything that I might need during a shift outweighs any negatives.

The bonus is this is also on offer at time of this review.

In summary - This bag does exactly what it says on the tin.

Bag for every eventuality!

Due to my body armour bag falling apart with all my kit in, I needed a new bag and decided to take the plunge and get this after reading reviews. Suffice to say I wasn't disappointed. Enough space in it to have hi viz jacket, lightweight, waterproof trousers, hat and paperwork in main compartment, smaller compartments for gloves, batteries and odds and sods (including a book for those pesky locus protections)..

One point is the weight but to be honest, it's much handier than my body armour bag where nothing is organised, just rammed in.

Patrol store quick as ever, ordered late Friday, in my hand by Monday and kept up to date all the way through.

Short story, get this bag (especially while on offer!)

Would recommend buying it

The Good:
• Fits plenty
• Very well made
• Very good value
• Protects your items
The Bad:
• Heavy
• Fixed shape
The Ugly:
• Only one colour
For those who wish to feel like Mary Poppins when out on your shifts, this is most certainly the bag for you! I work on a fairly slow south London borough, on a mixture of neighbourhood policing and response teams, and use this bag on a daily basis. I can honestly say I have never been found wanting a piece of equipment that not been in my kitbag since I purchased this one. I find the dividing bar a bit pointless, so when it is removed, I can fit the following inside: Fleece, raincoat, hi vis, folder, hat, lunch, and a large water bottle, with space to spare! The zipped side pockets have plenty of room for torches, sunglasses, gloves and other smaller items.
Of course, all this kit and space comes with downsides, the main one being weight. Without any kit in, the bag itself weighs over 4 kilograms, so once you start adding in items of uniform, the bag gets heavier and heavier. The protective side panels are “removable”, however, after a couple of months of trying, I have only been able to remove one of the four, as the Velcro doesn’t extend for the whole length of the panel.
The other major drawback of this bag is the sheer size of it. If more than one other person owns the same bag, then you will end up very short of room in the boot of your car. On occasions when we have to travel triple-crewed or more, I have to take essential items out of the bag and put them in the car, and leave the bag behind, as it would be impractical to take the bag. Op Zulu do the smaller version of this bag, but colleagues have found it too small to take all the required kit in.
Overall, a very well made and useful bag, and I would fully recommend buying it, especially given the low price for relative value. However, if Op Zulu would like to make a mid-sized bag, then I’m sure they will have cracked the market!

Great Bag for Carrying All your kit

* Loads of room
* Lots of pockets and compartments
* Easy to carry handle or shoulder strap
* Velcro patch for badge and plastic name holder slot

* Quite bulky when carrying on the shoulder

I have been using the Op Zulu Duty Kit bag now for a couple of years. I
purchased this product as I needed a patrol bag to store kit, statements and
traffic tickets to carry with me in the back of the car. As I work in Roads
Policing I need extra hi vis kit with me at all times. The bag is massive! I
could even fit my kit and custodian in there if I so wished. It easily holds
my fleece, hi vis jacket, water proof trousers, flat cap and all the
paperwork I need. It also has separate pockets and compartments on the
inside which is perfect for pens, batteries and exhibit labels. The quality
is very good, there are no tears or marks on the bag at all even after 2
years of lugging it around. The shoulder straps have a strong well-built
metal clip to attach it to the bag.
If you need to carry a lot of kit with you on patrol in the car then this
bag is perfect. I use this bag to carry my kit to and from the station as
well as going out on patrol. It serves well for both purposes.
The bag is quite big and bulky, it will take up one whole seat in the back
of the car, it wouldn't really be suitable to use if you intend to carry
paperwork into someone's house for example but you can easily fit a separate
folder in the bag for this purpose which is what I do.

Genuinely great piece of kit

Pro's -
- Heavy duty - really robust rugged feel
- Ample room for every piece of kit
- Good number of different sized compartments to keep things organised
- Easy to keep frequently used kit close to hand

Con's -
- The bag is really large, takes up a lot of space in the kit room
- It's pretty heavy, when fully kitted you don't want to carry it any distance

I have found this a genuinely a great piece of kit for everyday use. For any Officer who regularly takes a lot of kit out on patrol this is a really durable bag that can withstand a fair amount of abuse. I frequently throw the bag into the car or kit room, it gets kicked, pushed, squashed and pretty every kind of abuse you can think of giving a kit bag, yet I'm confident that I'll still be using this same bag for years to come as, not only is it still in great condition, it keeps my kit inside in good condition.

I've found the assortment of pockets and compartments a great way of keeping everything organised - I've used a sports bag for kit in the past and it's infuriating when I've needed to find something quickly, or I'm standing in the rain rooting through my bag because something wasn't where I thought it was. With the Op Zulu bag the assortment of different sized compartments means everything has a place, and even small things don't get lost in big pockets.

It's difficult to criticise this bag, the quality and use I've had from it is an absolute bargain for the price I paid. The bag simply does what I need it to do, I don't need to give a second thought as to whether my kit's being damaged when I'm rushing between jobs, or my colleague's put their kit on top of mine, and ultimately that's all I want from it. The only drawbacks are the size and weight of the bag. The size is both a pro and a con, depending on what you need it for, but I've found it can be a bit awkward to manoeuvre past parked cars and you need to go through doors sideways with it. It's also quite heavy - this isn't usually a problem as it goes from the kit room to the car, but I certainly couldn't use it when it's full to take my kit any distance. The shoulder strap helps with this, but it's still heavy. My view is that this is the trade of for the good construction, a lighter bag is likely to simply not be up to the job.

Brilliant Quality Bag

Myself and a couple of Colleagues have tested this kit bag quite vigorously, even at one point carrying another colleague inside of it. I really can't complain about the quality of the bag a single bit. I've packed the bag until it was bulging and the zips held secure, currently it's exceeded all my expectations.

There are so many pockets and pouches it's easy to keep things separate, safe and secure.

The bag in the picture makes it look smaller then it really is. It can carry all my equipment, so I wouldn't recommend this as a everyday kit bag to be getting in and out of a vehicle just because of the size (unless you're single crewed), however does a brilliant job of transporting kit around anywhere else.

With it's current price you really can't go wrong with this bag. It has a nice solid feel to it and the zips don't feel weak or feeble.

A very good bag

I bought this bag as the last one which I'd had for 10 years had passed its best. Suffice to say it seems a lot to spend on a bag for work BUT its a great bag, very well well made. The stiffening is replaceable and I can get everything in it with space and its still able to be carried. Nice one!

Op Zulu Duty Kit Bag

Just purchased this item after wanting a kit bag for some time.

I'm astounded by the quality of this bag at the price.

The bag is bigger than I expected but that's a bonus. I'm a Traffic Patrol Officer and like to carry quite a lot of gear with me (never know when I'll be out for hours on end), and this bag fits the bill superbly.

Have to add that I was extremely impressed by Patrol Store's delivery service. Email and text alerts were excellent and the bag arrived exactly when they said it would.

I would happily buy this bag all over again, very good quality and remarkably useful.

Thanks for supplying such a superb product.

So happy!

Always wanted a decent kit bag and 3 years later I've finally chosen this one!
It came within 2 days of ordering and it's so sturdy and seems to be great quality.
Loads of pockets so when it's dark I'll know exactly where everything is and can grab it quickly.
Really happy!

Excellent product

The Op. Zulu products I bought are top quality in my experience and the bag is over my expectation looking at the price I paid for. Brilliant product.


I got this in the half price offer period. I was using an old sports bag that was never quiet big enough, and had limited storage compartments. The quality of the Op Zulu bag is amazing. Even at full price. Its very solid and storage compartments are no longer an issue, I have never been so organised. More than enough storage to get everything and more into.
Small issue is that the bag is a bit weighty but most of the time its in the back of the car, so the short trip from my locker to the car, this isn't a major issue.

Excellent bag!

I bought this during the 50% off sale. I was looking for a replacement for my standard issue kit bag. when this one turned up i was totally shocked at the quality of the product! it had more storage than I knew what to do with. The bag is very durable and comfortable to hold. The only con I can see about the bag is the weight. It is a little on the heavy side without any kit in it. To be honest though, it's only a small issue and one I'm willing to deal with considering the good quality of the product!


Not much to say apart from its exactly what I needed! Absolute bargain, I've condensed 3 kit bags into one... Holds everything I need! Excellent design,

Great Product

I bought this bag after searching the web for almost a month and what a buy!! I'll be using this bag for the shooting range and it is massive with lots of handy pockets. It's well made, tough, looks good and worth twice the price. Other members of my club who have bags at £80+ cant believe the price and quality of this. Patrol Store were a pleasure to deal with and shipping was super fast. Don't hesitate, buy this now!!

Great bag but not happy with Patrol Store

I cannot fault the bag at all, it's really well made solid stitching, this should hopefully last longer than my other bags. The only thing I am not happy with is two days after buying this Patrol Store dropped the price by 33%!

PatrolStore Response

I am sorry you missed out on our promotion. We offer regular promotions across our range of products but they are limited time offers. Please give us a call next time you need some kit and we will see what we can do for you. Kind Regards, The PatrolStore Team.


Until you have this bag right in front of your eyes you will not know how good it is it really doesn't do it justice I would 100% recommend this bag. It's a large rigid bag to protect and store all of your duty kit plus extras the quality looks top notch well worth the money and I will recommend to anyone wanting a bag for kit cheers patrol store.

Best bag I've ever owned!

First thing to say is -- IT'S HUGE! I carry my hat, fluorescent jacket, full waterproof/weatherproof coat, paperwork, and a million other bits and pieces... as well as my lunchbox of course :) and there's still plenty of space in there.

One thing I had to get used to was the width of the bag - because it is a bit wider than the bag I had before, when carrying it you're aware of it bumping against your legs a bit. Not really a problem since I haul my duty bag down from my locker, chuck it in the back of the car, and then haul it out again 10 hours later and put it back in the locker. But you aren't going to want to walk miles carrying this bag - or if you do, you'll want to use the supplied shoulder strap. PatrolStore do a smaller, thinner version of this bag (Op Zulu patrol bag) but this was too small for my needs.

The second observation is that this bag is TOUGH as they come. It's made from rugged, thick material which is seemingly indestructible, and not easily torn, scratched or marked. After a few weeks of kicking about in the back of cars, up and down stairs, and being crammed in and out of my locker, it still looks good as new.

Another nice touch is the organiser inside the lid, a couple of netting pockets for things like spare radio batteries, and lots of pen holders (the police officer's friend!). There's also a velcro patch on top of the bag, so you can stick on a 'POLICE' sign if you want, as well as a clear window where you can insert your name and contact details - helpful to find your bag in a sea of them!

In short, this is a really excellent piece of kit, the best bag I've ever owned by a long way. And it retails at just £37 which I think is a real bargain.

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