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Op Zulu Professional Duty Gloves - Kevlar Slash Resistant

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Op Zulu Professional Duty Gloves - Kevlar Slash Resistant

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Op Zulu Professional Duty Gloves - Kevlar Slash Resistant

The Op. Zulu Professional Duty Glove (Slash proof) offers superior comfort, fit and appearance at a competitive price. The outer is constructed from water resistant, full grain, black leather that provides a quality, uniform finish that is equally suitable for the parade ground as out on the job. The glove is also 100% lined with slash resistant DUPONT™ KEVLAR®, covering the whole of the hand, palm, fingers, thumb, back and wrist unlike cheaper rivals which only line certain areas.

The signature hook and loop wrist wrap closure system gives these gloves superior comfort and security improving tactile feel and grip and ensuring the gloves will never come off in a scuffle or a loose cuff ever getting caught. The unique closure system also gives enhanced protection on the commonly vulnerable and often under protected wrist area as well as keeping out cold, water or debris.

The KEVLAR® Aramid Fibre is the industry standard in cut protection making the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Glove (Slash proof) as safe as you can get. Customers are happy to recommend these gloves:

“This is a very well made product with good quality materials. The leather is soft and supple which provides good grip. The wrap around wrist closure takes a little getting used to but when they are on they feel right. I would certainly recommend these gloves and the price is very good.”

“one of the absolute most useful things about these gloves if you are in the Police Service is their appearance. An incredibly fancy pair of Oakley hard knuckle gloves, is absolutely no use to you if they're against force policy or your skip doesn't like them. With these, once the cuffs are hidden they look exactly the same as the gloves issued in most forces.”

“At first I thought the wrist wrap was a bit overkill, but once I put them on and did them up I though ‘Why don't all gloves have this!’. Honestly I was really surprised by how well they fit, normally gloves have a tiddly bit of velcro that you are forever trying to pull round your wrist to get tight enough, or worse yet a useless popper down the side and some week elastic, but these are truly an excellent fit and the material provides another layer of protection on the wrist too. Don't bother paying more and don't waste your money paying less, just buy these!”

When you choose your next pair of gloves, choose safety, comfort and quality - choose the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Glove (Slash proof).

Op. Zulu - Don't Compromise!

• 100% lined with slash resistant KEVLAR® Aramid Fibre for added protection
• Water resistant, full grain, black leather outer
• Hook and loop wrist wrap closure system
• Fantastic temperature control
• Very little touch sensitivity lost by wearing the gloves
• Very affordable for wide range of users



BrandOP Zulu
Wrist LengthRegular
Weight0.20 KG
Product NumberOPZGLV
Customer Reviews


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would personally recommend them to anyone looking for a new pair of gloves this winter

These Op. Zulu Professional Duty gloves retail at £22.99 which is amazing value considering they are slash resistant due to the Kevlar lining. There are a whole range of positives with the gloves, however I did find there are a few negatives points.
• Slash resistant Kevlar lining for added protection
• Fit well once leather has been stretched
• Very little touch sensitivity lost by wearing the gloves
• Very affordable for a wide range of users
• Strong build quality
• Fantastic temperature control
• Gloves do need some stretching as they are tight at first
• Strap at end of gloves cannot be removed
• Do take a bit longer to put on properly compared to other gloves due to strap
The Professional Duty Gloves are an affordable pair of duty gloves suitable for a wide range of users from door supervisors to paramedics. The cheap price of the gloves at £22.99 does not mean they lack quality. The gloves are made from durable and hard wearing leather giving the gloves a professional look whilst keeping your hands warm during the cold weather.
Op. Zulu have manufactured these gloves with a Kevlar lining on both the palm and back of the hand giving the wearing 360 degree protection from slash attacks or injuries during searches. This added protection will give the user some comfort knowing they are protected should the worst happen.
One of the best features I found about the gloves was the way they manage the temperature of your hands inside the gloves. During the recent cold weather, I found the gloves kept my hands warm however they did not become too hot. This was very welcome feature whilst on a morning foot patrol. However when I returned to the office with the heating turned up, I found these gloves kept my hands at a comfortable temperature and did not sweat at all.
The only negative experiences I had with the gloves are minor and do not take away from the fact that these are amazing gloves. I personally found that the strap on the end of the glove a little inconvenient as it makes the time taken to fully put on the gloves longer compared to other patrol gloves. The strap is not removable as it is sewn into the glove itself which was disappointing. The gloves were also a little tight when I front put them on, so wear them around the house for a few hours before you take them out on the streets.
In conclusion the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves are a well built pair of gloves with a host of great features. At the low cost of just £22.99 they are a real bargain and I would personally recommend them to anyone looking for a new pair of gloves this winter.


There is a certain reliability level required with any piece of police and/or security kit. I think these gloves are completely reliable. Below is why I think that!

I have been putting these OP Zulu Duty Gloves through their paces in the last few weeks and have come up with a few observations, mostly positive however I did manage to come across one small negative about the design of the cuff.

Unpacking, I noticed the professional and rugged look of the glove straight away. A uniform glove needs to give the wearer the comfort and warmth needed but also not be outlandish and or much different from standard issue gloves. The duty gloves are low key enough to be added to any uniform arrangement.

I have large hands and they are a snug fit with no excess pieces of material which can easily caught in the multitude of situations a uniform police officer can find themselves in. There are no issues with fit or comfort with the OP Zulu Duty gloves.

I tested the gloves in a number of different situations from driving to taking statements which on foot patrol. They gave me the peace of mind that I did not require to remove them when completing my tasks, which can be the case with other, poorly fitted competitor’s products.
The slight drawback that I mentioned earlier is, in my opinion the hook and loop wrist wrap. Personally, I would have preferred a narrower and more elasticated wrist, to avoid the need for any further fabric. I stress this is only a personal preference.

The other important features for me are certainly the Kevlar re-inforced features. Even the word Kevlar screams protection to me. Thankfully, throughout the trial I did not have the opportunity to test out the material however it is yet another feature of the Op Zulu gloves that give unrivalled reliability.

Other manufacturer’s make claims of water resistance………….do wearer’s really test this to its full potential. I did, I ran the glove under a tap for 1 minute, soaking the glove. The result….it maintained it features and presented no issues.
In summary, I feel that you can’t scrimp on key pieces of equipment. The RRP of 22.99 is a manageable and competitive price for a pair of duty gloves. I do find this price quite surprising and hope it remains the same for other colleagues to take advantage of the Op Zulu Duty Gloves.

These Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves are amazing!

These Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves are amazing! Having bought from the Op. Zulu range in the past I had high expectations in terms of quality and fit for purpose. I have been using these gloves for over a week now and can find very little to fault. I am a reactive officer and these gloves are certainly more superior than my issued gloves, and they will definitely be replacing them.
In terms of sizing I went for a medium thinking they would be more than suitable, however I was surprised at just how snug they were when being worn so it may be worth thinking generously when deciding what size to get.
I would aim this product to anyone who works within the police or security agencies mainly due to the slash-proof aspect of this product, and the fact that I can’t see everyone looking for a new set of gloves benefitting from this feature. Although that being said, there is no reason why these gloves can’t be aimed at a wider target market.
As the winter months are fast approaching and the nights are drawing in ever so quickly, I can see these gloves becoming more useful now than they would be in the summer, for example night patrols or events held outside for long periods of time.
These gloves retail at £22.99 and although this may seem rather pricey for a pair of gloves you need to bear in mind that they are slash-proof and come with an adjustable wrist strap which is usually only seen on the higher-end products which retail at greater cost than these.

great price and would absolutely recommend them

I reviewed the Op Zulu Professional Duty Glove over a period of about 2 weeks, with several duty shifts, as well as a couple of runs and wearing them around the house.
Firstly, they sell for £22.99, which is great price. Comparing these to other expensive gloves I have used in the past, including issued gloves also, I found them to stack up really well to the more expensive versions on the market.
They come well packaged, quite simply, however this is a pair of gloves, nothing more expensive which needs more attention. Straight out of the bag, they fit well, are very comfortable and don't require any treatment or breaking in. They fit very well, I ordered a medium, they fit without any extra flap in the fingers or palm. They are very snug across the palm and back of the hand, I am not sure if this is a design intention or just getting lucky with sizing, but this feels very good. They are not the longest gloves that I have ever owned, finishing only just below the wrist, however this keeps your hands free and don't restrict you at all.
Grip wise, they give you a lot of confidence in what you are holding, the leather is quite thick which means that writing or delicate tasks are going to be difficult, however for general use, driving and manipulating things like a radio they will be fine. I didn’t try typing in them, however I would imagine it to be quite difficult.
I didn't test the slash resistance for obvious reasons, however they feel really well made, no loose stitches, and the sheer thickness of the leather give me a lot of confidence that these should hold up nicely.
The wrist closure is a nice touch, gives you a bit of support on the wrist without interfering with movement, and keeps the glove nice and secure and down on your hand – some gloves I have used have a tendency to ride up and interfere with what you are doing.
They are quite warm in day to day usage, not a problem as winter is coming on or nights out and about, I think they would be usable in the summer also when you need to protect your hands.

In short, a great pair of gloves, great price and I would absolutely recommend them

Superior to issue duty gloves

- Good protection from abrasive or finger entrapment type injury
- Good dexterity, allowing writing and intricate work
- Warm and comfy
- Quick and easy to put on

- Sizing seems slightly on the tight side
I recently received a pair of Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves from Patrol Store and these are my impressions of them after a few weeks of use.
Upon arrival, they were well packed and nicely presented in a plastic pouch. Upon unpacking, the gloves seemed of solid construction and looked smart. The size I ordered was Large, which normally fits me well, however upon trying the gloves on I noticed the fit was slightly tighter than I would have expected. This wasn't a major issue and the gloves were still comfy and offered good dexterity however initially they did seem somewhat tight.
One problem I've found with my issued duty gloves which use small poppers to close is that upon donning one glove, it is very difficult to do up the closure on the second glove, which can be an issue if you want to put them on quickly. With the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Glove this didn't seem to be an issue as the velcro fastening strap is simple to do and undo with gloved hands, meaning donning and doffing of the gloves is quick and easy.
I used the gloves for around two weeks of general duties, from night time economy type foot patrol to mobile response duties. Throughout this time I wore the gloves whilst searching and detaining persons, searching vehicles, dealing with RTCs and writing. They offered ample protection and dexterity for all of these applications. During one particularly dramatic decamp from a crew bus in order to split up a drunken altercation, I managed to close one of my fingers in the window of the van and apart from some serious ego damage and ritual humiliation from my crew mates, no finger damage was done which I believe was largely due to the protection and padding of the gloves.
Pricing for the gloves seems pretty competitive for the quality of the product. They are well made and despite my best efforts to test them to destruction, after two weeks of hard use they are still looking new and defect free. They continue to kept my hands warm, dry and protected.
In conclusion I would say the gloves are well priced and well made. They look smart and are ideal for general policing duties. The only small criticism I have is that the sizing is slightly on the tight size so it might be worth getting a size larger than you would normally. This is a minor point as the gloves still fitted and offered good protection and ample dexterity. I would happily say they were superior to my issue duty gloves which coincidently have a higher price tag.

Good for General Patrol and Protection

The first thing I noticed about these gloves was the unusual Velcro adjustable strap, however due to the plastic loop, I think that this is very beneficial as it allows you to be in complete control of how tight you want the gloves to be around the wrist as well as covering a good amount of the wrist. In terms of general size I ordered a medium and it was nice and snug and felt just right, as I expected, based on ordering a medium glove size from other manufacturers.
The inside of the glove is laced with a soft inner lining that allows it to be comfortable, whilst the entire outside is slash resistant. I am easily able to clench my fist whilst wearing these gloves and keep a grip on things. I wouldn’t advise wearing these gloves to search somebody as you lose a lot of feeling for things – if you can see what you want to grab then it’s fine for hand-eye coordination but just trying to feel around you wouldn’t identify something – but then that’s not what these are for.
For general storage in my pockets I found these to be extremely better than other brands I have tried – the inner lining is much thinner, allowing the gloves to be folded away into a small compartment, which is something I am unable to do with others as you can only fold them once and then they are quite thick. I could fold these three or four times to be the width of the Velcro strap and pop them into my pockets with ease.
I have tested these gloves in a raining Friday night walking the town environment and I found that although they are not particularly warm they do protect your hands from the wind and rain and were warmer than nothing at all.
I think the RRP is a very reasonable price when you take into account the safety and comfort of them. Other gloves I have seen for a similar price tend to focus on either safety or comfort but I think Op Zulu have the perfect balance with these and the price is competitive.
I would advise you to wear these gloves for general patrol and protection. They are waterproof but light and comfortable so could be worn in all weather. If you were looking for something to keep your hands warm then I would go for gloves advertised as such, although you’re likely to lose the protection of these. If you knew that you were going to be searching people then I wouldn’t recommend these as you wouldn’t feel small objects (if you can see say a needle then these would be good to retrieve it but if you can’t see it you wouldn’t find it). Searching a building in the dark would be appropriate in case of sharp objects for protection but I don’t think you’d find needles with these. When you are expecting sharp objects, ie. Breaking a glass window, I would put these on first.

Worth their Weight in Gold

As a serving Metropolitan Police Officer having used these gloves on and off duty for two weeks I have found the following factors that are the best qualities of the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves:
1. Protection – the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves are 100% lined with slash resistant Du Pant Kevlar covering the whole hand - all fingers, palm, wrist and thumb. Wearing these gloves on duty in a borough well known to drugs paraphernalia gives me confidence that there is a much reduced risk of my hands getting stabbed by a needle whist searching a suspect. Therefore as gloves to wear on duty as a police officer or security guard these gloves are absolutely fit for purpose – I’ve had my sergeant and several colleagues ask where I had received these gloves from as they were very impressed and have since purchased their own pairs.

2. Quality – the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves are water resistant which makes it ideal to wear it in rain and in extreme conditions. It is full grain with a nice black leather finish. It has a superior appearance which has a superb appearance. They are very pleasing to wear in extreme conditions and I have tested them in snow and heavy rain.

3. Comfort – I am a size small and therefore it is very difficult to find police equipment to fit perfectly and comfortably as most equipment is from a medium and larger. I was glad that there was a option for small, the moment I put these gloves on fit snugly and felt like they were moulded to be on my hand. The Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves has a superior fit and comfort. The innovative hook / loop closure ensures guarantees a secure fit.
The systems we use in the Metropolitan Police is heavily reliant on touch screen, therefore I was glad to find out that the gloves work perfectly with the touch screen system even when in torrential rain which meant that I did not have to keep taking them on and off when entering a vehicle.
I have been issued with gloves as a course of my duty but have had to have replacements on a regular basis as they often fall apart due to back stitching and general wear and tear. Now I am confident that the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves will last a very long time due to the quality of leather and stitching which oozes quality.
At a retail price of £22.99 the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves are worth their weight in gold in my opinion. The confidence it gives you when you are on duty is priceless and knowing that it contains Kevlar gives you peace of mind knowing that your hands are protected from needles and possibly attack from a knife. I have had a chance to test gloves which are both cheaper and more expensive that the Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves. However, the cheaper gloves always lacks the quality and confidence which is vital when wearing gloves on duty as a police officer. These gloves are a great piece of kit and is unbelievable that they are under £25 whist having an excellent quality and being slash proof. The Op. Zulu Professional Duty Gloves should be an essential part of every police officers kit bag.

Good Gloves

These are a pair of black leather gloves that are lined with a Kevlar fabric to provide slash protection on both the palm and back.
I have had these gloves for several days now and have to say I am very happy with them so far for the following reasons
1 they are comfortable. I wore these for hours both indoors and outdoors without any comfort issues. I would happily wear these outside during the British winter without freezing or indoors without overheating. Perfect for security or police officers.
2 they look smart and discreet. They are a pair of black leather gloves, if your uniform allows wearing of this sort of accessory you will have no issue. They give little away about their protective qualities apart from maybe the cuffs that look tough.
3 they are actually slash resistant. I made several attempts to slash the inner Kevlar linings with a knife and broken bottle and was genuinely surprised at how they held up.
4 they are secure on your hands. If you are involved in a scuffle or need to restrain someone these gloves will hold secure on your hands thanks to the beefy Velcro strap on the wrist. I actually restrained a friend who resisted to test this.
5 they are practical. I wrote in notebooks, used a touchscreen phone and PTT radio, tied shoelaces, used keys in door locks and drove without taking these off. Obviously they impeded a bit but outperformed other bulkier gloves.
6 they improve grip. As these are leather they offered excellent grip on metal, glass, paper, wood both wet and dry. Even Ice.
7 the leather is quite nice. Ok so it’s not calf skin but if you need to shake hands it’s not going to be a unpleasant experience for the other person. If you need to be discrete these are a good choice.
Downsides of these gloves are
1 the Velcro wrist strap is a heavy nylon mesh that takes away from the gloves nice leather appearance. It also is slightly uncomfortable when my wrist is hyper flexed.
2 there is a ziz zag row of stitching along the back that is also a bit unsightly.
3 they are not needle stick resistant. They don’t claim to be but it would be a nice feature. I tested this anyway and they offered little protection.
At £22.99 these offer good value but if I had to spend money I would go for the Turtle Skin Alpha Glove w Needle and Slash Protection. A little more money at £49.99 and not quite as nice looking. I subjected these gloves to everything they are designed to withstand and they did exactly what they said they could do. But for me better needle stick protection would have me ordering the turtle skin pair.

Great value for money

For the price these are brilliant. They aren't as bulky as they look in the pictures and are much thinner than i expected which makes them great for day to day use as well as on duty. I haven't needed their slash proof capability yet but they scream quality so im pretty confident. The wrist strap is unusual but makes a secure fit and they work well in foul weather.
Patrol store's service is always great and delivery was really fast, i highly recommend these even if you just want a nice pair of leathers.

Great service

I can concur with the other reviews although I've not had a chance to try the gloves out in an operation.

I would like to add a note about sizing. I usually take a medium and ordered a pair in that size.

When it arrived (more about that in a moment), the fit is quite snug.

I'm fine with it and if the leather loosens a bit, it'll be perfect but others may want to go for a larger size than usual.

The cuff straps could do with either being slightly longer to allow me to wrap them away (so I can slip the gloves on quicker) or the ability to remove it altogether but they feel very secure

About my order - despite me confirming I would get a 'Medium' size, I received XXL! However, a quick call and I sent it back on Thursday and received my replacement gloves on Saturday - just in time for duty! They've also promised to refund my p&p (both for returning the gloves and my original cost).

All in all, great gloves with fantastic service.


This is a very well made product with good quality materials. The leather is soft and supple which provides good grip.
The wrap around wrist closure takes a little getting used to but when they are on they feel right. I would certainly recommend these gloves and the price is very good.

Great Features and Looks like an Issue Glove

On donning them, my first thoughts were that they are rather snug, feels like they were made without taking the lining fully into account. However, as my fingers aren't too fat, they actually fit me rather nicely. One thing that annoys me often with gloves, is that they fit well when your hand is lying completely flat and not in other positions, with these ones however that's not the case, and they hold naturally a slightly curled hand, I don't have to work against the material at all. The seam on the thumb is also not along the pad, something making them more comfortable again.

After about ten minutes of wearing, I found the cuff rather uncomfortable, it's made of nylon webbing, and is rather rigid when attempting to rotate your hand. This isn't a material that tends to soften too much with time, so I was rather worried. I needn't have been, as actually they are very comfortable after slightly loosening the cuff.

The only thing I would have liked is a sizing chart on the website, that includes finger length, but most don't have those anyway. (it may be there, hiding, if so, let me know in comments or contact)

The cuff is easily operated by a gloved left hand as well, something oddly overlooked by so many companies… The cuffs also add a level of protection to the wrists.

Warmth wise, these gloves do rather well, the kevlar isn't really insulating, but it adds an important extra layer, and no wind gets through the seams or cuff, I've worn these on and off all winter, comfortably.

The kevlar in the gloves is seen by some as rather pointless, as actually searching you are safer using better techniques than poking fingers in pockets thinking you're safe. I also subscribe to this school of thought, however I don't think that having kevlar gloves is without merit, it adds a comforting layer of protection in scuffles, with broken glass, on MoE/similar, dropped needles and all sorts. These gloves are also a little unusual in that the kevlar goes around the back too, which is actually rather useful, as anyone who's skinned their knuckles will attest.

Finally, one of the absolute most useful things about these gloves if you are in the Police Service is their appearance. An incredibly fancy pair of Oakley hard knuckle gloves, is absolutely no use to you if they're against force policy or your skip doesn't like them. With these, once the cuffs are hidden they look exactly the same as the gloves issued in most forces.

Top Class

At first I thought the wrist wrap was a bit overkill, but once I put them on and did them up I though "Why don't all gloves have this!". Honestly I was really surprised by how well they fit, normally gloves have a tiddly bit of velcro that you are forever trying to pull round your wrist to get tight enough, or worse yet a useless popper down the side and some week elastic, but these are truly an excellent fit and the material provides another layer of protection on the wrist too. Don't bother paying more and don't waste your money paying less, just buy these!

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