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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Peli VersaBrite 3 LED Review

Peli Versabrite 3 LED Torch ImageThe Peli VersaBrite 3 LED is great little Peli torch and a valuable addition to your daily uniform kit.  

The Peli Versabrite is suitable for everyone in the uniformed services, it clips easily and securely onto a shirt loop or pocket and gives out a powerful beam.  

The Peli VersaBrite 3 clip provides a good grip preventing it from falling off when you lean forward. The LED light flips out easily to provide a light source that can be manoeuvred effortlessly to the best position, enabling you to either focus the light at the floor when you walking, or to move it upwards when you are looking around for people, equipment or at your general surroundings.

The Peli VersaBrite 3 LED is of particular use if you are working in a dark location and need both of your hands free to treat a patient or suspect, negating the need for a handheld torch. 

This Peli Torch comes in black and yellow colours and they blend in very well with black and yellow duty uniform respectively.

The Peli VersaBrite 3 LED is made of light-weight plastic and has a ‘low profile’, so it gives little for an assailant to grab onto in a struggle and is very unlikely to be damaged in a ‘bundle’.

The Peli VB3 LED has become the defacto standard hands-free light for uniformed officers for some years now and for many good reasons.  When mounted on your upper chest (preferably in a KlickFast dock) it is ideal for hands-free operations, such as:

  • Ticket writing
  • Immediate area illumination
  • Writing PNB in the dark
  • Discrete backup light
  • Officer safety presence indicator (traffic control)

With recent changes resulting in street lights being switched off at night, this Peli Torch will prove itself invaluable in providing you with a source of light whilst walking to and from your vehicle.

On an average shift, (from our own experience) we know you are generally lumbered with a huge amount of kit to carry whilst on duty and finding a free hand to use a handheld torch is problematic to say the least!

But the Peli Versabrite 3 LED provides you with an excellent solution that has been extensively tested ‘in the field’.

The initial layout of the Peli VB3 is admittedly quite a bit – especially if you get the KlickFast dock adapter which is an optional extra, but the use you get from it makes it worthwhile. In the unlikely event that the Peli Versabrite 3 LED does get damaged, the no-quibble replacement guarantee can be used to get a replacement from the manufacturer.  

The Peli Versabrite 3 LED supplements, not replaces, a full size power torch – that you may use / need for area searches for example.

With a simple flick of the hand, the LED head of the Peli Torch unit is lifted to turn it on, the light can be angled up or down as desired, and then left in position until pushed down to turn off.

Battery life is definitely good, and it uses 2 readily available 2032 coin battery cells. Replacement of the batteries is a bit fiddly – having to remove three small Phillips screws, but as a result the batteries are not prone to fall out whilst you’re working.

At just 7.6cm in length and weighing in at only 30g (with batteries), the Peli Versabrite 3 LED can easily be carried in a pocket, toolbox or glove compartment. 

This Peli is a tough little torch! It comes with a virtually indestructible Xylex body, so whatever you put your torch through, it should withstand it and still work.

Here are what happy customers are saying about this Peli torch:

“The Peli Versabrite 3 is great little torch so you can see when writing in your PBN at night. Its plenty bright enough for note taking but not a lot else. It’s so lightweight that you don’t even notice your wearing it. To turn it on you just pop the head open and point the light where you want it. It really could not get much easier!”

“It’s a great piece of gear when you are working nights and can even illuminate the ground ahead when you’re searching.”

All in all, they really are one of the few indispensable items that every uniformed officer should purchase as their first kit addition.   So if you only ever buy one hands-free torch, make it the Peli Versabrite 3 LED.

Check out the Peli Versabrite 3 LED today!