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How 2 Become - Pass The Police Officer Selection Interview DVD

How 2 Become - Pass The Police Officer Selection Interview DVD

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How 2 Become - Pass The Police Officer Selection Interview DVD

The How2Become DVD Guide To Passing The Police Officer Selection Interview *Does not include Final Interview

The 'How to pass the Police Officer Interview' DVD is the most informative 'insiders' resource available to anyone who is serious about successfully passing this stage of the Police Officer selection process.

Full of insider tips and advice brought to you in conjunction with current serving Police Officers, this 40 minute Police Officer selection interview DVD will guide you through this important stage of the assessment process in detail and provide you with tonnes of essential insider tips and advice to help you to successfully pass at the first attempt!

Topics covered in this exclusive DVD


  • An in depth explanation into each of the core competencies
  • How to match the core competencies during the selection interview
  • How the scoring criteria is used to assess the core competencies


  • An entire section of the DVD dedicated to the scoring criteria
  • How the Police will assess you during the interview
  • Insider tips on how stronger scoring candidates answer the questions
  • How to avoid failure during the Interview
  • The importance of proper and effective preparation
  • Sample interview questions and how to answer them


  • How the interview will be structured
  • The type of questions that you will be asked during your interview
  • How to structure your interview responses in order to maximise potential
  • Focusing on success in order to achieve the desired results


  • An entire section dedicated to a Mock Interview
  • Four competency based questions asked by a mock panel
  • Answers to each of the above questions
  • Probing questions and how to respond to them


  • A final interview with a successful candidate on how to prepare and pass!
  • Explanations on how to prepare yourself effectively for the Interview
  • What areas you need to research and the topics you should learn
  • The questions that you will be asked during the interview
  • How to structure your responses to the interview questions

The DVD also includes insider tips like the following:

INSIDER TIP 1 - Know the scoring criteria

Most people who attend the Police Officer selection interview do not know how they will be scored and ultimately this often results in a fail. By knowing what the scoring criteria is prior to your interview your chances of success will increase dramatically! During the interview you will be scored from grade A through to D and it is your aim to score A's on every competency that is being being assessed. This comprehensive DVD will explain the scoring criteria in detail and provide you with many useful insider tips to help you prepare for the interview correctly!

INSIDER TIP 2 - Match the Core Competencies

The Police Officer application process is predominantly based around what are known as 'core competencies' and the interview is just the same. It is imperative that you can demonstrate in your responses to the interview questions where you can match the core competencies. If you do not demonstrate these core competencies during the interview then you are likely to fail. The 'How to pass the Police Officer Interview' DVD explains the core competencies in detail and shows you how you can match them with a small amount of preparation. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed with the new 'How to pass the police Officer Selection interview' DVD!

INSIDER TIP 3 - Structure your responses in a logical and concise manner

During the Police Officer interview, you will be assessed on the core competency of Effective Communication. This basically means that you must be able to communicate effectively during the interview and structure your responses in a logical, concise and relevant manner. This DVD will show you how to structure your responses in order to increase your chances of success!

From actual Interview Questions through to sample responses, this DVD will show you how to match the core competencies and pass the Police Officer Selection Interview!

Don't just be prepared - Be fully prepared! Give yourself every chance of success with this definitive and comprehensive DVD that covers every part of the UK Police Officer Selection interview.



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Exceptionally comprehensive

This DVD combination is exceptionally comprehensive, covering all manner of topics, from tips for the original application, through to the very last questions asked in an interview for a full time, regular Police Constable. The chapters provide advice on things you would never think about being asked during the application process, as well as providing more in-depth assistance with things you get quizzed on when applying for any job, and ways in which you can make your application even better.
The DVD shows you exactly what to expect from the interview day, and the many different questions that can be asked on the day, and the best way to reply to them. It also covers the ways the questions can be asked, so that you are totally prepared for the interview.
Having not sat the police assessment centre myself yet, I cannot comment on the total accuracy of the content, however, I am preparing to apply, and I feel infinitely more confident in applying having read the book and watched the DVD. Colleagues of mine have passed their assessment centres after having read the book, and commented on how prepared they felt, and how well the interview process went.
The only downside to the book (How 2 Become a Police Officer) is that as it is so comprehensive, it does take a long time to read it, however I feel it is more important that it takes longer to read and covers everything, rather than making it more user friendly, and missing out something which may be vital at a later stage in the process and leaving you unprepared

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