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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00

Responder RF 1 Tactical Patrol Boot Review

The Responder RF 1 Tactical Patrol Boot with Side Zip is a lightweight tactical boot that has been specifically designed for professional use. It has been put through rigorous tests to ensure comfort, quality and durability.

Responder Boots History

Responder RF 1 Tactical Patrol Boot ImageResponder Footwear was formed specifically to offer quality patrol poots to those in front line occupations, who put themselves at risk on a daily basis.  Whilst on patrol, ex Police Officer Mike Lupson noticed that his patrol boots, produced by a well-established brand, were leaking as he was in pursuit of an offender across a muddy field. A split had formed, and with no option for repair, Mike set about finding a better replacement, which had all the features he required whilst still being within his budget. There were none.

After consulting his colleagues and finding that they had similar issues, he came up with the idea of designing his own patrol boot, all the while bearing in mind his budget constraints, and drawing on his 15+ years of policing and security experience, to ensure his boot would meet all the challenges he faced day in day out.

Following many months of research and development Responder Footwear Ltd was formed and in October 2012 Mike was ready to exhibit Responder Footwear’s flagship boot, the RF/1.

Responder RF/1 Boots Specifications

The first boot in responder boots catalogue, The Responder RF/1 is practical, well designed, well produced, and has gone through the industry’s toughest challenges that cumulated in it receiving the CE mark accreditation from the internationally recognised testing body Intertek.

The Responder RF/1 Boot is also known in the Responder Footwear inventory as the Responder RF/1 Standard Model or side zip. The side zip being added to the the boot to aid getting the boots on and off.

The main difference being is that the Responder RF-1 Tactical Patrol Boot with Side Zip has everything you would need for day-to-day duty use. The inclusion of an easy on/off side zip makes these ideal as they can be slipped off with minimum fuss after a long hard shift.

The Responder RF 1 patrol boots boots feature a leather and textile upper which exceeds the current standard set for tear strength/resistance and water vapour permeability, so you can rest assured that your boots will stay looking smart whilst keeping your feet nice and dry.  The shined leather finish is suitable for parade polish, so you can keep your boots clean and shiny at all times.

The lightweight, yet durable, full rubber outsole will ensure that whatever terrain you find yourself in, you will get full grip with these boots, as they are slip, fuel-oil, flex, abrasion and tear resistant.  Added to this the tear-resistant lining and tongue, your boots will hold up in any situation.

Other great features of this boot include a reinforced bond between the upper and outsole to prevent splitting of joins, abrasion resistant in-sock and in-sole that exceed the required standards for thickness and water absorption/desorption and laces that confirm to PPE standards.  The boots are also free of chromium vi and azo dye stuffs.

Not only do these Responder RF-1 Tactical Patrol Boots with Side Zip come packed with features, they are also incredibly comfortable due to the padded, tear and abrasion resistant collar and the shank under the outsole arch, meaning that these boots stay comfortable even on the longest shift.

Responder RF 1 Patrol Boots Customer Feedback

Responder RF 1 Patrol Boots Review Video

But don’t just take our word for it.  Here are what some satisfied customers have to say:

“I have been wearing the boots for about 9 months now in various environments and situations. They are still holding up well, comfy to wear and very durable. They have survived lots of water, constant bending and endless hours of walking. They still continue to look smart and remain comfy to wear. The side zip is holding up strong and works without flaw.

Overall for the price these boots have been a superb quality. I am yet to find any negatives. They are not fancy boots but for those on a budget I would highly recommend giving them a go. Not forgetting the added bonus of a side zip, which I feel is a particularly useful feature of any boots.”

“These boots are really light and comfortable, no breaking in needed with them. The zip is very sturdy and saves all that lacing up. Overall I’d say they are a great boot and I will definitely be buying another pair.”

“They are great, really, really comfy. Feel nice and secure on your feet and they have a nice leather finish which polishes up nicely. I like to have shiny boots and these really are nice. Problem I found with SWATS is although comfy, there wasn’t enough boot at the front and more lace. The laces come too far forward. These are nice comfy and shiny boots and worth every penny. Highly recommend them. The zip seems quite substantial too, which is sometimes a worry with side-zip boots.”

“Bought these boots for my role as a Special Constable after looking at lots of different boots for ages and thought because of the price of them will they be that good! Well I can tell you that they are outstanding and so comfy, don’t feel very heavy, great with the side zips and also feel that I could run in them for a good distance without any problems!”

All tests on this Responder RF-1 Tactical Patrol Boot with Side Zip have been conducted by an internationally recognised testing body to standard EN ISO 20347:2012 for Occupational Footwear.