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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £95.00
Robusta Circon GTX Boot - Available in sizes 2-16

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Robusta Circon GTX Boot - Available in sizes 2-16

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Robusta Circon GTX Boot - Available in sizes 2-16

Robusta Circon GTX Boot

Brand New and Exclusive to PatrolStore

The Robusta Circon GTX Boot is a Gore-Tex lined full leather 8 inch patrol boot. It has been specifically designed to keep the user dry and comfortable whilst on duty in any conditions.
Featuring a traditional 8 inch ankle height and full grain leather construction, this boot is designed to last. Unlike other traditional boots the Robusta Circon GTX also gives instant comfort and little to any break in time.
Robusta Scientific Footwear make more than your standard boot. They use a number of techniques to produce footwear that benefits the wearer:
• Gore-Tex membranes giving industry-leading levels of waterproofing and comfort due to high levels of breathability
• A.D.E. Sole System which utilises both polyurethane and nitrile to give both traction and comfort
• Non bending system – this stops twisting of the foot under lateral torsion which can lead to injuries to the meta tarsal
• PU dampening in heel for comfort and reduced impact on the wearer
• Full grain leather construction
• Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane
• Comfort last to reduce foot fatigue
• Antibacterial insole
• Shock absorbing heel
• 8 Inch ankle height for protection


Ankle Height8 Inch
Boot FasteningLace up
Boot MaterialAll Leather
Toe TypeNone
Weight3.50 KG
Product NumberRCGTX
Customer Reviews


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Plane and simple

Had my Robusta boots for around a year now.
After many a year wearing Magnum Elite W/P found the new Magnums were nothing like the old ones in quality.
Look at these Robusta on the Patrol Store site , thought I would give them a try , they resemble my old Magnums in many ways , the only difference was they are not Thinsulated .
On first inspection they look well made plane but simple .
The longer I have worn these boots the more I like them , the soles have a deep tread and are really grippy even in this cold snowy weather, the lace up system is quick and easy , the inner sole looks odd , lots of little bumps and air pocket things , on waring them they are strangely comfortable and not really noticeable.
I have used them in all type of weather and conditions, the result is brilliant, sturdy, waterproof and warm although they are not Tinsulated my feet have not really been cold , on the upside they are cool enough to ware in the Summer .
The only slight downside is the entry of the boots are a little tight to get on / off as I have a high instep , but once on brilliant , could you relay this back to Robusta and give a little more room then they would be 10 out of 10 rather than a 9

Great Boots

I've had these boots for well over a year now and use them daily. these really are top spec. I was initially worried that they wouldn't be up to the job due to the low price, but they've been great in all weathers.

Don't waste money on more expensive boots, these do the job admirably. Totally waterproof, warm and comfortable.

With over 30 years service, these are the best boots I've had.

So far so good

I finally bought these boots after about 2 yeas of deliberating! I am a patrol officer in a semi-rural location and do spend a lot of time on foot. Having worn patrol boots for the best part of 15 years now, I have to say that so far, these are the best I have ever had.

I have had Magnums (lots of), Army boots, Responder RF-1's, Graftons AND Altbergs, these have wiped the floor with the lot of them. The leather is lovely and soft, the sole is fantastic (an extra 2" makes a world of difference when you are only 5'5"!) and the inner sole is simply devine, they do actually seem to massage your feet while you walk.

Love these boots, well worth £90!


So as you can see I don't fall into the usual category of Police or security user of such boots but as a supermarket manager of a night team on my feet for around 12 hours a night I have been a convert to decent boots for mant years and over this time have worn several different brands.

I am writing this review at the very end of my Robusta boots life having worn them for 5 nights a week 12 hours a day for almost a year!!

Initially I was swayed by the price as they were significantly cheaper than other equivilent boots on the website...and can honestly say that I would have been as happy with the boots had I paid the full price!

As mentioned in another review they will never win points for their looks but as a comfortable, supportive and durable boot they are a winner. Admittedly they have taken a battering over the last 12 months and look far from presentable right now but they are still supremely comfortable!

The quality of the leather is better than other much more expensive boots I have worn previously and the inside of the boot has remained intact with no disintegrating of inner sole or lining.

Overall a fantastic pair of boots summed up by the fact that I am just about to click to buy another pair!


I'll start by saying that the other reviews of these boots are bang on the money. They really are fantastic.

I knew that I was needing a new pair of boots and was shopping around. I wanted Gore-Tex and top quality build, was bracing myself to shell out the £150 plus for a pair of Lowas or Haix as I thought the time was right to make a proper investment. As a response PC in a rural force I'm on my feet all day in all manner of situations and conditions and wanted something that would stand up to it.

However I got an email from Patrol Store advertising these and started to read up on them. The Robusta Circons seemed to tick all the boxes; Gore-Tex, rugged build and quality finish. I was a little put off by the fact I didn't recognise the brand and the price was low in comparison to the big brands but I ended up taking the plunge as I was impressed by the reviews.

All I can say is these boots are absolutely brilliant. Out of the box you can see and feel the quality of the leather and the ruggedness of the build. I'm someone who appreciates kit and the way it looks and performs and I was instantly impressed by the look and feel. Putting the boots on they are extremely comfortable with an excellent thick sole. The boots lace up quickly and securely with hooks on the uppers.

I've worn the boots for a couple of weeks on shift and continue to be really impressed. They are totally waterproof, and with the partially non-bending sole they are extremely sturdy. The uppers are brilliantly supportive.

I am in no way regretful of the choice, and am extremely impressed by the value as with Patrol Store's discounts these are half the price of the equivalent Lowas or Haix and so far have demonstrated all the quality of these bigger brands.

The uppers are not entirely comfortable straight out of the box, with some rubbing around the tops as I think one of the other reviews mentions. I'm sure with time (as with all boots) these will wear in. There is also some glue that shows around the join between leather and soles, but this is a finishing issue and in no way compromises the quality or overall look of the boots.

In all I can't recommend enough. If you're in the market for some top quality boots and are thinking of investing in £150-plus 'top brand' boots definitely give these a look. All the quality and half the price.

Feet massaged while you walk

I have worn these boots for around a week now in my day to day response role. I have previously worn many “branded” boots so I was a little apprehensive around how good these boots would be.

To look at the boots they give nothing away they appear plain, non-descript almost basic. It is only when you pick them up and take a closer look that you realise that they are not a basic model of boot but they are actually hiding all their features behind the simple styling.

The boots are very light weight, which was surprising as they look to be heavy. They are fully waterproof and although not having a steel toe cap, they are still very strong and tough. The sole has all the features you would want and significant tread depth.

Once on I could see that these were the most bizarre boots I have ever worn. The inner sole is full of dimples and ridges. At first this was a very peculiar sensation, but I soon felt like my feet were being massaged as I walked. My feet stayed the same temperature with no sweating even after running or wearing the boots for a pro longed time. The more I wore them the more I enjoyed the feeling the inner sole provided. I could feel the benefit of the ridges for some time after taking the boots off.
I have struggled to break the uppers of the boots in as I am still finding an area in line with the laces that is rubbing. There could be a little more padding for the uppers in the boots but am confident that the boots just need a little longer to get that all round slipper feeling.

The lacing system is efficient and offers some of the best ankle support I have ever had. So far I have been over several fences and fought a male in a loft standing only the on beams. At no point I have I felt clumsy in the boots. I have felt more like they are and extension of my feet as they are so secure.

These boots really have surprised me, they have all the features of the big hitters Haix and Lowa but at a significantly lower price. Yes the styling may not be there on the outside but the comfort factor was huge. If you are looking for a quality value for money product then this is by far the best boot in its price range and can easily compete with those more established brands.

In key phrases
Practical feature packed footwear
Feet massaged while you work
Lower price not lower standard

Really great for someone doing a lot of footwork

So where to start! I am tactical kit guy and believe that the makings of a good effective tactical outfit are a man’s Boots! I have just had a pair of boots sent over by the guys at patrol store that have ticked boxes that didn’t I didn’t know existed!

So Robusta Scientific Footwear, I didn’t even know they existed until now! Maybe I am stuck in the past or maybe I have just been narrow minded and gone alone with the crowd because these guys cater for most tough and roughed industries such as the Food Industry, Foundry and welding, Forestry Industry as well as the Police and security fields and much more.

So the boots I have here are the Robusta GTX Circon. They come in your everyday shoebox stuffed with paper! Not a great deal to be said about the packaging in this case.

The boots looks are not going to be winning them any prizes, Nor worn as a fashion statement. When it comes down to the performance and feel of the boots these are a whole new level!!

Good Points with the boots are very easy to list. The boots are made of very soft Spanish Leather. Gortex lining gives you almost 100% protection from water. The sole is 2 inches thick in places (we will come back to the sole later on). They support the ankle very well; this list could just go on and on.

So as with anything I like try and pick out a few bad points! They don’t clean themselves! And I am gutted I cannot pick any holes in them!

So lets get back to the Sole if this boot!! As you can see from the picture, these have a sole thickness of between 2in-2.5in that is very well designed. Has very deep tread that has great grip. Also has an area at the front of the sole that does not bend! (May sound silly, it feels super when walking)

I guess I should sum this up a little. The boots RRP at £129.95 but the guys down at the Patrol Store are selling them at £84.99. This to me at first glance was fair! I took the boots from the box and thought well they are not my usual thing! I hadn’t even heard of them, however after slipping one foot in my face changed with the comfort. These really are great for someone who is doing a lot of footwork of walking over rough terrain. Plus that state of the art sole not only out performed all my other boots but also took me from a modest 5ft8 to 5ft10.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Hope this can talk you in to slipping a foot in one of the Robusta GTX boots.

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