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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Size 9 Magnum Boots

Size 9 Magnum Boots on Sale in the UK from £44.99. We stock the full range of Magnum boots including the exclusive size 9 Magnum Command, the cheapest Magnum boot in the UK and the top of the range Magnum Tac Spec also available in size nine.

Size 9 Magnums are available across their range. At the bottom of the price scale is the Magnum Command Boots at just £44.99 they offer all the usual quality standards you would expect from a pair of size 9 Magnum boots but at an economic price point. Moving up slightly the Panther Side zip offers a lot of similar specifications to the Command but also offers a YKK side zip making the boots easier to get on and off. (This is a personal preference choice, some users love a side zip, others don't trust them, however in our experience we have had virtually no returns on Magnum Panthers due to failed Zips.)

Next up from the Panthers are the traditional Magnum Classics, the original flagship magnum boot, still as popular as ever, offers everything you would expect from a Magnum boot at a reasonable price. The major step up from the Panthers and Cobras is the use of full grain leather and 100% suede in the construction and EVA sports footbed and sole for maximum comfort.

The latest range from Magnum in a size 9 is the Cobra series, all of which are fully waterproof and breathable. The Cobras come in 3 main styles and replace the older stealth range. The styles are the two men’s 8 inch boots one with and one without a side zip, and then the lower cut 6 inch womens boots. This is one of the rare women’s boots to come in a size nine whilst still being on a genuine women’s last.

Above the Cobra series is the latest innovation the Magnum Classic Tac Spec. The Classic Tac Spec is a heavily modernised and updated version of the old classic boot but designed as a fast, light weight response boot. The one downside of the Tac Spec version is the toe can not be bulled for parade. The Tac Spec like the rest of the Magnum range are available in a 9.

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