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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £60.00
XGO UniFit Phase 1 T-Shirt Black

XGO UniFit Phase 1 T-Shirt Black

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XGO UniFit Phase 1 T-Shirt Black

XGO UniFit Phase 1 T-Shirt: Black

XGO garments are entirely made in the USA and are used by the US Army, US Special Forces, the FBI, the US Marine Corps, State police and many others. XGO's mantra is 'Athlete Tested, Combat Proven'. This is some of the best kit in the world.
The XGO UniFit Phase 1 T-Shirt Black is a lightweight garment ideal for the hottest situations. Ideal to wear under armour, as a standalone garment or a base layer in the winter months.
XGO’s Phase 1 items are Breathable, quick-drying technical mesh that is both flexible and durable. Ideal for use in hot to temperate weather.
Featuring Acclimate® Dry polyester this polo is designed to be the highest quality, most comfortable and best-performing layering systems for any climate or situation. Acclimate Dry fabrics offer superior wicking, breathability, and quick drying time. Acclimate® Dry performance fabrics wick and dissipate perspiration and moisture away from the skin—keeping the wearer dry and comfortable for extended periods of activity. These base layers maximise your body’s natural temperature regulation and dissipate moisture more effectively than anything else on the market.
The XGO UniFit Phase 1 T-Shirt Black also includes Ag47 silver anti-microbial protection. Silver is legendary for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and has been ‘built-in’ to XGO’s products. As moisture passes through the fabric, Ag 47 Silver Anti-Microbials attack the bacteria contained in the perspiration and effectively eliminate odour and harmful bacteria--improving overall hygiene.
Ag47 silver anti-microbial protection keeps you odour-free allowing extended wear in endurance situations, and all of these properties are designed to endure for the life of the garment.
• Lightweight First Layer
• 100% Acclimate® Dry Polyester
• Superior Moisture-Wicking
• Ag47 Anti-Microbial Protection
• Won't Shrink, Pick or Fade
• Durable and Breathable
• Extra Length
• Clean Seams



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Product Number1G56M-060
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Recommend - High Quality

It's a rather cold February, and as I take receipt of one of the new XGO base-layers, I've got a set of night-shifts coming up. Perfect! Sadly, I won't be able to give a good test of the UniFit's performance in hot temperatures (which is it's speciality I'm told), but I can tell you how it performs on keeping a PC warm on night duty foot patrols.

Personally, the most important thing I think a base-layer should do is help keep you warm when you need to be warm, and help keep you cool when you need to be cool. Sweat-wicking/prevention is a handy addition. Thankfully, that's exactly what it did. I've had a few different brands of base-layer in the past (North Face, Lowe Alpine, and Berghaus to name a few), so I have an idea of what the UK's current 'leading' brands can achieve.

These previous ones have done a good job keeping me warm in cold weathers, but not made much difference during hot weather, often making things worse even. That's fine, because I'll just not where one when it's hot, but if your duties (like mine) involve going between the cold outdoors and freakishly hot buildings where the heating is never off, it's not practical to keep changing. Going without a sweat-wicker will often end in stinky times though.

But before we get to how the XGO UniFit performed, I tried it on for fit. In short, it's pretty good. It's stretchy so stays close to your skin but doesn't cling or stick like some do. The ones I've had in the past were just cut like a normal t-shirt, but with the UniFit its cut to maintain skin contact all over. The sizing was pretty good, and I particularly liked how the collar was higher than most, but not too high that it can be seen under uniform. However, I did find it a little too tight around the shoulder joints, so in hindsight I'd probably go for one size up from what I'd get normally, and if you've got more than a bit of upper-body mass/muscle, it might be worth doing the same.

The shifts I trialled this base-layer on were nightshift (7pm-5am) on foot in a static position. To give you an idea of how cold you'll get doing this kind of work, my colleague wore the same as me (Base-layer, Uniform Shirt, Body-Armour, Fleece, Coat, Hi-Vis), with the addition of a scarf, and he was left unable to feel certain body parts as we came towards the end of the night. However, he wore a normal t-shirt for his base-layer. I on the other hand, was doing pretty well. Keep your core warm, and the rest of you will keep warm for much longer, and that's exactly what the UniFit did for me.

By staying close to the skin all over, it kept air trapped and as such there wasn’t a single point during the freezing night when my torso got cold. And when I strayed into our ‘hotter than the sun’ station, I got hot (that’s inevitable) but didn’t sweat. It was a weird feeling to be as hot as that and still stay dry, but it means the top did its job!

All in all, I’d recommend it. If you’re the kind of person that buys something to last, then the XGO is definitely a purchase you should make. The pricing puts it at the same price point as other brands, however the quality and performance of the UniFit is unquestionable, and head and shoulders above any other I’ve tried.

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