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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

OP Zulu Special Offers

Covert Earpieces

Our Covert earpieces are ideal for undercover police or plain clothed security who need to maintain comns without compromising themselves to the suspect. Available for most brands of radios we offer covert earpieces for Motorola MTH800 and CP040, Sepura SRP 2000 series and Kenwood Radios. When it comes to covert earpieces the main style is the clear acoustic coiled tube which conducts the sound into the ear canal via either a "bud" style fitting or the "gel insert" that sits in the ear well and allows the user to better hear local noise as well as getting clear audio from the radio. The acoustic tube can run over the back of the ear and down the back of the neck under the shirt collar and inside the wearers clothing to the transducer and black electric cabling. The cable then runs to the Push To Talk (PTT) and Mic switch and the jack to the radio unit. The PTT switch can then be worn on the lapel or down the sleeve so that the wearer can remain covert with the earpiece.

Or you can see a full our range of police and security earpieces where we offer the less covert D and G shape earpieces that some users find more comfortable if there is not such a requirement for stealth.

With the acoustic covert earpieces you can also get the "listen only" style that do not have the PTT and mic, which can then be plugged into a traditional chest mic or a throat mic if that is preferable to the user.