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Free Delivery Over £95.00

Drop Leg Holsters

Drop Leg Holsters ImageOf the difference types of holsters that are available, drop leg holsters are one of the most popular.

Holsters are generally designed to offer protection to a firearm, secure it in place, and provide easy access. The ability to access your weapon quickly is often contradictory to the need to keep it secure and protected, so when purchasing a holster, you must balance these different functions and pick the right holster for you.

Getting the right balance is important, especially in regards to a defensive weapon holster, where inability to access the weapon quickly or damage or potential loss of the weapon due to lack of retention or protection could result in serious injury or death to the user.

Drop leg holsters, are also known as thigh holsters, tactical holsters and drop-leg holsters, the main difference between drop leg holsters and other holster types is that it repositions the holster and handgun to a natural position on the upper thigh.

The main reason for the rise in popularity of the drop leg holster, is that the holster remains clear from interference on drawing the weapon from tactical vests and ballistic armor commonly worn by the police and military in the modern era.

A waist holster becomes impracticable for most people when wearing body armour, so the drop leg holster was invented! Like many gun leg holsters styles, drop leg holsters also allow the wearer space for magazine pouches and other handy accessories.

Of course the drop leg holster is not the only gun holster solution for those wearing body armour. Please see our main gun holsters for further options.

Military Drop Leg Holster

The drop leg holster is common within the military and police communities.

Generally military drop leg holsters (like all drop leg holsters) are fully adjustable to accommodate virtually all semi-automatic pistols, and to suit the user’s requirements or role. This type of holster will allow quick access even if you’re wearing body armour and/or an assault vest above it.

Drop leg holsters are adjustable to take different pistols, they can also be adjusted around the girth of the leg and can be raised or lowered dependent upon preference.

Early US cavalry units used this type of holster in the early 1900s made out of a leather thong strapped to the leg. The leather drop leg holster remains a popular choice to this day!

Holsters fitted to the belt are also very common and again used extensively by the police and military.

Belt holsters can be worn slightly behind the hip bone, high and close to the body or concealed under a jacket or un-tucked shirt. Holsters that can clip or mount onto a belt allow the user to carry their weapon inside their trousers. A shirt can then be tucked over the firearm and holster.

Tactical Drop Leg Holsters

Drop leg holsters are in general intended to be used one-handed, allowing the firearm to be removed and/or replaced with the same hand. To be able to return the weapon to its holster one-handed, the holster must be made from stiff material that holds its shape so that it won’t collapse when the object is no longer inside to give it support.

Some holsters, such as ankle holsters, have integrated support. Other holsters may fit inside a pocket, to add stability and protection to the handgun, keeping it more reliably secure and accessible than if it were in the pocket alone.

Patrol Store Drop Leg Holsters

PatrolStore offer a range of drop leg holsters from Web-Tex and Viper in a variety of colours – DPM, black and green depending on preference and ultimately what field you are working in.

The Web-Tex Assault Holster – Drop Leg is fully adjustable to take most semi automatic pistols, including Glocks, Brownings and Sigs. It’s got a thumb break for quick draw. Being a drop leg holster it allows easy access even if you’re wearing it with webbing or an ops vest and even if sat in a vehicle. It can also be adjusted to sit in different positions on the leg to allow for different arm lengths and height. It features 2 quick-release leg straps and a detachable mag/utility pouch. It is available in DPM or black and is made of cordura/nylon.

The Viper Adjustable Drop Leg Holster comes in green or black and is also made from tough cordura/nylon. Not only is it adjustable to take different pistols, it can also be adjusted around the girth of the leg and can be raised or lowered dependent upon preference.

We stock many styles and colours of holsters, for further please click the drop leg holsters section of Patrol Store.

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