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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Grafters Ambush Boots - 8 Inch Ankle, Leather & Waterproof Boot M107A

Grafters Ambush Boots Available At Patrol StoreThe Grafters 8 Inch Leather Ambush Waterproof Boot M107A is a super lightweight pair of boots.  

Grafters Ambush are extremely popular among the police, security and army sectors due their high level of durability, together with the fact that whatever terrain you are on, or whatever the weather is throwing at you, your feet will stay nice and dry.  Fashioned from black coated action leather, these boots have rubber/phylon soles making them super grippy on any surface.

Grafters Ambush Boots are hard wearing, eight (8) inch high at the ankle, leather and waterproof.

The Grafters Boots range is relatively new to the market and offers an economically priced alternative to the ever popular Magnum Police Boots.  Now the build quality, materials and life expectancy reflect the purchase price but for lighter users, indoor security guards for example, their boots are ideal and won’t break the bank.  

In terms of designing specialist workwear, Grafters is very much the new kid on the block. Drawing inspiration from historical traditions in the design and manufacturing of protective clothing, Grafters produce high-quality footwear for the contemporary professional.

Here’s a short video review of the Grafters Ambush Boot by Patrol Store's Aran.

To play, please click the middle of the screen - Aran will run through the main features of the Grafter's Ambush Boot for you!

Grafters Ambush Boot Evolution

Grafters was founded in 2005, but have come a long way since then. The company is a diverse collaborative experience, thought up by a team of qualified individuals who combined their talents and knowledge to create stylish-looking protective boots that feel great to wear yet robust enough to handle almost any type of working condition.

Part of the team’s design process involves working closely with their customers to understand what footwear is most suitable for the environment their employees are exposed to. They also get involved with corporate events to understand the demands of industry. As a result, Grafters manufacture a comprehensive range of styles that are suitable for numerous workplaces.

Dedicated research is given to the product’s function and background and are handcrafted so you get more wear from the shoe. Grafters are among the most durable protective footwear products on the market.  

The Grafters Ambush Boots feature, Jontex™, they work well whether in wet or dry seasons and the non-metal lightweight toe will not trigger metal detectors, meaning that you can safely pass through an airport without worrying about setting off any alarms!

The breathable membrane in Grafters Ambush Boots, padded collar & tongue, cushioned insole and shock absorbing midsole all contribute to make these an extremely comfortable pair of boots.

The 8” ankle height will give you excellent support and provide you with the knowledge that however long your shift or expedition, your feet and especially your ankles, will not suffer from aches or sprains.

Who wouldn’t love the super lightweight Grafters 8 Inch Leather Ambush Waterproof Boot M107A?

Customer Reviews Of the Grafters Ambush Boot

Here are what some happy customers have to say about Grafters Ambush Boots:

“I bought these boots two years ago, they have definitely served their purpose. Very comfortable to wear. Very durable.”

“Bought this on this site about 8 weeks ago. Boot is sturdy, good quality and looked fit for purpose. Full leather so I presume waterproof – had no issues so far and plenty of rain. Initially leather around ankles is a bit stiff and can run, but this wore off after a couple of weeks. Now feel really comfortable, light and warm (may be an issue if summer is hot. Always had Magnums prior to this, but so far I don’t think i’d go back…”

“Very comfortable and light and do very well in a foot chase! Reliable in every situation on duty and do well to keep out water and dirt. Also keep your feet warm in the winter!”

The ‘true’ Grafters definition of being ‘hardworking’ being reproduced in the perfect leather patrol boot!

So if want a good quality, lightweight, waterproof boot at a price that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Grafters 8 Inch Leather Ambush Waterproof Boot M107A.

For more information on Grafters Ambush Boots or other boots in the Grafters range, check out the Grafters Boots category on Patrol Store.