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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Grafters Police Boots

Grafters Police Boots M671A Leather are an excellent police and general tactical patrol boot.

Grafters Police Boots M671AGrafters Police Boots are ideal for those who are constantly on their feet. The upper is made from smart action leather to provide extra protection.

Despite being called ‘Top Gun’, this boot will not give you the ability to fly US Navy fighter jets, it is however, a quality combat style boot that will let you run around the fields or pound the beat in comfort.

The Grafters Boots range is relatively new to the market and offers an economically priced alternative to the ever popular Magnum Police Boots.

The build quality, materials and life expectancy reflect the purchase price but for lighter users, indoor security guards for example, Grafters Police boots are ideal and won’t break the bank. If you are looking for exceptional value for money, these boots make ideal police patrol boots.

In terms of designing specialist workwear, Grafters Boots are very much the new kid on the block.

Drawing inspiration and the very best from historical boot making traditions in the design and manufacturing of protective footwear, Grafters Boots produce high-quality shoes and boots for the contemporary professional.

Grafters Boots founded in 2005, and have come a long way in the last ten or so years.

As a company Grafters is a diverse collaborative experience, thought up by a team of qualified individuals from a police and uniformed services background, who have combined their talents and knowledge to create stylish-looking protective boots.

Grafters Police boots feel great to wear, yet are robust enough to handle almost any type of working condition.

Please see the below Grafters Police Boots Video For Further Information

Part of the Grafters Boots design process involves working closely with their customers to understand what footwear is most suitable for the environment their employees are exposed to. Grafters Boots also get involved with corporate events to understand the demands of industry.

As a result, Grafters manufacture a comprehensive range of styles that are suitable for numerous workplaces. The Grafters Police Boot M671A Leather being one such boot.

The Grafters ‘definition’ comes to life in the these police tactical boots – by which we mean the British English definition of a Grafter – that being, someone who works hard!

Dedicated research is given to the product’s function and background and are handcrafted so you get more wear from the shoe. Grafters are among the most durable protective footwear products on the market.

The 8″ height on the Grafters Police Boot – M671A Leather gives good ankle protection, and the steel shank in the mid sole section provides extra support. This is coupled with a toe bumper and stabiliser in the heel.

They also feature a padded, fully stitched tongue for extra comfort and a speed lace up system for on-call use.

The non-slip and oil resistant durable rubber sole provides good grip.

Other great features of the Grafters Police Boot – M671A Leather include a 200g Thinsulate™ lining for warmth, a moisture wicking footbed and a padded collar for extra comfort.

These are a lightweight, all action leather boot, popular with security, police and cadets alike. But don’t just take our word for it. Customers are extolling the virtues of these great police style boots:

“Got a pair from my daughter for Christmas. Put them on and guess what? Better than my slippers! I have wide feet and these boots let my toes spread. Rare to find a good pair of boots that feel so good.”

“My son (12 yrs) thinks they are the business! He has just joined the Army Cadets and these boots are just the job. They look great and he tells me that they are very comfortable. Would highly recommend.”

“My son loves them, he is doing an army course at college and his other boots that he got with uniform only lasted 5 weeks. They are comfortable to wear, no blisters as yet!”

With an ever expanding selection including the iconic Grafters Monkey Boots, great value police patrol boots are only a click away!

The Grafters Police Boot – M671A Leather is an excellent boot that is not only extremely comfortable but also very lightweight.

If you are after reasonably priced, good quality police service boots, then the Grafters Police Boots M671A Leather boot model is an ideal choice!