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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

Free Delivery Over £60.00

The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Grafters Tactical Boots

The Grafters Police Boot-M668A Leather and Nylon is an outstanding patrol boot designed for those who spend the majority of their time on their feet. This Grafters boot is made from leather, nylon and collar made from padded suede. However the boot is non-waterproof. The boot has an 8” ankle height giving protection to the ankle, a shank in the mid section providing the extra support. The tongue is padded and fully stitched and has a fast lace up system for on-call use. The boot has a non-slip, durable rubber sole and the heel stabiliser. The boot features a moisture wicking membrane combined with thinsulate keep your feet cool and dry during use. The Grafters Police Boot-M668A Leather and Nylon boot is perfect to those constantly up and about.

The Grafter Police Boot-M671A Leather boot like the Grafters Police Boot-M668A Leather and Nylon boot is considered an outstanding patrol boot. They share many of the same features an 8” ankle height providing extra protection, a face boot lace up system, a mid section shank for extra support a padded fully stitched tongue for more comfort, hill stabilisers, a moister wicking membrane and thinsulate What makes this boot different is that it’s the durable non-slip rubber sole is also oil resistant . The upper and the rest of the boot are made from leather providing extra protection, however your feet are prone to sweat more. This is still however an outstanding pair of patrol boots.

The Grafter Stealth Boot 6”-M497A is an extremely lightweight pair of boots with no metal components in its construction making them airport friendly. There designed for specialist officers or those who want to stay light on their feet. Made from leather, nylon and a padded collar and tongue the boots also have breathable sides and durable, breathable lining. They are lace up, non-waterproof with a durable non-slip rubber sole, a shock-absorbing midsole and a cushioned insole perfect for running and driving. Unlike the 8” Stealth boot the 6” give the user greater ankle dexterity aimed at those who don’t want/need the ankle support provided by the 8”.

The Grafter Police Duty Shoe is a robustly shoe suited for the police and security officers. It has an ankle height of 3”, lace up, non-waterproof and made entirely of smooth black leather providing a great look. The shoes have a padded collar for comfort and an air cushioned PVC/Nitrile sole.

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