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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Pen Holder

Pen Holder ImageWhether you are a police officer, a paramedic, in the armed forces or indeed any of the uniformed services, the humble pen is an essential piece of equipment and you will need a pen holder in which to keep it.

Different Types Of Pen Holder Available

There are many different types of pen holder, but for someone in the uniformed services, a pen holder that is easily accessible is a must. Whether you are writing a citation, parking ticket or taking a statement, you simply must carry a pen with you at all times.

At PatrolStore, we stock a variety of different pen holders, dependent on how you prefer to carry your pen.

If you’re interested in checking our leather pen holders. The Price Western Leather double pen holder is a simple but practical pen holder made from tough cordura. It will fit onto 2″ duty belts and will help prevent your colleagues from pinching your favourite biros. It’s called a double pen holder but will in fact hold 4 pens.

The Op. Zulu brand is synonymous with quality and their range of tactical belt kit is no exception.

Unlike inferior rivals, the Op. Zulu Pen Holder is made with specifically sourced fabrics chosen to give higher levels of durability whilst offering reduced weight. This gives the user the benefit of equipment they can rely on whilst minimizing the weight they carry.

The stitching and binding have also been chosen to give the highest levels of abrasion resistance in tactical situations. Designed to fit all 2” duty belts, the Op. Zulu Pen Holder is compatible with all issue and non-issue belt equipment.

The Op. Zulu pen holder allows you to carry your pens on your belt where there is no danger of leaks ruining your shirts, and you can easily access your pens at all times.

Inferior rivals can’t compare to authentic Op. Zulu Belt kit. Choose the best tactical belt kit for you.

Pen Holder Alternatives The Pen Clip HolderIf your preferred method of retention is a clip, the metal pen clip is available from PatrolStore in the single, double or triple pen variety. This versatile gadget will clip onto just about anything. Be it a shirt pocket, clip board, FPN cover, notebook sleeve or jacket lapel you will always have a pen, or 3, when you need it most.

Clip holders are ever popular with police, medical staff and paramedics, never be caught without a pen again with these nifty time saving devices.

Further Pen Holder Options In Related Police Duty Kit

Several items of police and security kit contains handy storage areas for pens and other items of essential stationary equipment. Products with pen holders built in are common and include the following;

The PWL Leather Notebook Cover with pen slot is manufactured in quality leather for the rigours of day to day duty use. It is made for notebooks that open like a normal book rather than flip top ones.

It will take a notebook with a cover measuring 4 by 6 1/4. The fact that it is manufactured by Price Western Leather ensures you will get years of service from it. It looks professional and will protect your notebook whilst keeping your pen safe.

The Op. Zulu Duty Kit Police Bag is the professional kit bag built to accommodate all your shift equipment, including a handy place to keep your pens! Designed with specifically sourced materials and components, the Op. Zulu Duty Kit Bag provides a rugged, durable, duty hold all with a professional appearance and high quality finish that elevates it above the competition.

The inside of the lid of the Duty Kit bag is designed to organize smaller equipment items with individual compartments on the right hand side for phones, stationery, handcuffs and/or a pocket torch. There are a number of pen/pencil holders on the left side along with a handy D ring on a short strap onto which you can clip keys and/or a small clip light.

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is no longer politically correct to refer to a probationary constable as a "pen holder", this was outlawed in 1862, anyone caught using this phrase in such a manner deserves time on the naught step!

So whether you want a pen holder attached to your belt, in your notebook cover, or clipped onto your shirt pocket, PatrolStore can accommodate your requirements.

To see our full range please visit the Pen Holder section of the site and we are sure you will find one to suit your needs.