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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Police Baton

Police Baton HolderSince replacing the old style police truncheon for officer safety reasons in the early 1990’s UK police have been issued with batons of various styles and shapes. As UK police adopted the baton, there has also been developments and advances made in the police baton holder.

Police Baton Holders UK Issue Accessories and Equipment

Some forces choose to issue a telescopic baton (a common brand name now famous for it’s expandable police baton being ASP Baton) to it’s officers whether involved in plain clothes or uniform duties, whilst some forces issue a variety of police batons depending on the duty the officer is performing.

These include;

Telescopic police baton – usually seen carried by officers on plain clothes duties and those in uniform. The expandable police baton is also carried by some officers as a back-up.
Side handled baton – requires further training when compared to the straight police baton, but is issued by some UK police forces.
Straight police baton – or Straightsticks are longer police batons, similar to the often seen in movies USA cop’s “nightstick”, the straight baton was introduced into the UK on trial in 1990’s and is now issued in various lengths up to 26″.

The straight police baton is different from the old style police truncheon – which was shorter, made from wood and UK police officers wore hidden from public view in a secret truncheon pocket sewn into their trousers.

Straight police batons are worn on ‘view’ on the utility belt and many police officers believe they provide a ‘visual’ deterrent to any would be attacker.

Police Baton Holder Options

For officers who have fixed or collapsible police batons, there are several types of police baton holders to choose from.

For fixed straight and side-handle police batons, they can use a ring which keeps the baton securely in place, but can slide out when the officer is running or engaging in an altercation with an offender, and a fixed baton usually has to be removed before the officer can sit in their patrol vehicle.

In the UK, where the police are not generally equipped with firearms, they often use a cross-draw holster for their expandable batons, which is situated on the opposite side of their strong hand, facing forward.

When an officer is required to draw the telescopic baton from a cross-draw baton holster, they would be required to reach across their front to the other side of the belt, where the baton is, undo a thumbsnap (these baton holders have open tops, but are considered secure) and pull the baton out of the pouch. The expandable baton is then extended in one swift motion from the draw as the officer moves into a ready defence stance. 

The drawing motion of the extendable baton from the baton holder from the cross position is designed to have a 'visual impact' on the attacker, hopefully allowing them to 'think again' about their 'conduct' and perhaps look to resolve the situation peacefully - it also allows the officer to draw their telescopic baton quickly whilst getting into a ready defensive stance, so they may ward off any assault made by a determined attacker.

If you’re looking for a baton holder with snap, these tactical baton holders also allow the police baton to be stored while extended to allow the officer to arrest a suspect without the officer having to drop their baton or collapse it, which could take time and allow the suspect to stage a counter attack or escape.

Officers can also choose to have a closed baton pouch or an open top police baton holder for their extendable batons.

Although a word of caution before purchasing open top baton pouches. Open top baton pouches are considered by some officers to be a safety concern, as there is no thumbsnap to undo, as an officer may be unaware of the baton being taken from him or falling out when moving. Consider purchasing a baton holder with thumb snap if this is a concern for you.

Police Baton Holders Available At Patrol Store

A very popular police baton holder is the Price Western Leather Expandable Baton Holder which is probably the best leather baton holder on the market. It will take ASP or Monadnock batons that measure between 7″ and 10″ in their collapsed condition.

The baton can be held swivelled and locked at different angles to accommodate your preferred method of draw. The top retainer will hold your baton firmly in place but can be quickly undone. The bottom clip enables you to carry your baton in the extended position if required. These features result in a versatile holder suitable for all duty requirements. Being Price Western Leather, the build quality is excellent. All you will ever need to keep it looking brand new is a bit of boot polish.

The side handled baton sleeve is produced to the high standards you expect from Price Western Leather. It is made from tough cordura and will hold fixed length or expandable batons. Expandable batons can be either extended or collapsed. The holder secures the baton firmly in place but allows fast access through a reinforced, quick release thumb break.

Another widely recognised brand within the police baton market is Peter Jones.

The Peter Jones Expandable Baton Holder is made from extremely high quality leather and durable moulded nylon to ensure the security, comfort and service when complementing expandable batons. The benefits of these innovative baton holders are the secure 360 degree adjustable carriage, right and left hand thumb release, ease and speed of withdrawal/relocation. They also permit the carriage in expanded mode and the prevention of accidental/involuntary expansion. They have belt, harness and garment attachment options and are compatible with friction-lock or autolock batons for the Monadnock, ASP, Casco and Bonowi batons.

Buy Police Baton UK

Please note, if you are looking for a telescopic police baton for sale in the UK, or any other police baton for sale in the UK, that these items are restricted by law.

Please do not attempt to buy police batons in the UK unless you are legally entitled to do so.

We also stock a full range of ASP Baton holders and accessories.

ASP Baton Holder Video


So whether you have an expandable baton or a fixed baton, PatrolStore have a range of police baton holders to fit your baton and your particular carrying style.