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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

Free Delivery Over £60.00

The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Police Equipment

Police Equipment Available At Patrol Store

Our police equipment is of the highest quality and chosen by many forces and individuals as their kit of choice.

Our range of police equipment includes police clothing such as trousers, shirts, base layers and outer layers (coats and jackets) as well as gloves, belt equipment including patrol belts, pouches and holders, belts and baton holders.

We provide police equipment such as baton and cuff holders Blackhawk collapsible baton pouches, Blackhawk crossdraw baton pouches, including ASP sidebreak baton scabbards, trifold restraints twin duty cases, PWL (Price Western Leather) expandable baton holders (3 position swivel), PWL Speedcuff pouches ( 3 position swivel and cup), PWL side handle baton sleeves and PWL speedcuff loops (3 position swivel).

We have quite a range of belt equipment including leather utility belts, duty belts, maglite pouches and torch holders, notebook pouches, leather and plastic torch loops, torch sleeves, radio holders, pen holders, general purpose pouches, velcro inner belts, Surefire torch holsters (nylon and polymer), mobile phone pouches, patrol pouches, Viper security belts, Viper security belt patrol systems Viper ambidextrous pistol pouches, Viper duty pouches and glove pouches. This is just a small selection of the police equipment we sell.

We also stock handcuffs and keys and our supply includes brands such as Streamlight, ASP and ZT. We offer keys to fit Hiatt and ASP brands as well as handcuffs in and of themselves. This is ideal gear for any on duty officer.

Other police gear that we provide includes police leather products including utility belts, torch loops, leather notebook covers, torch sleeves, trifold fixed penalty folders, warrant card wallets, warrant card wallets with badge flaps and Viper slash resistant gloves.

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Here is some police equipment that you may be interested in:

We offer police equipment brands such as Price Western Leather, ZT, ASP, Blackhawk, Surefire, Viper, and Streamlight.