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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

Robusta Boots And Safety Shoes Review

Robusta Boots Scientific FootwearRobusta Boots And Safety Shoes Review

Patrol Store is proud to stock a range of Robusta shoes and boots from Robusta Scientific Footwear‘s range of industry standard safety shoes.

Established in 2000, Robusta shoes have excelled in the manufacture of Safety and Occupational Footwear.

Robusta Safety Shoes are worn by many people operating in hazardous occupations and Robusta Scientific Footwear are a well-respected manufacturer of shoes and boots designed specifically for those working in Police and Security environments, as well for Military personnel.

All Robusta boots and shoes designed for the police, military and security sector are tested to and meet the stringent European Safety Standards. You can rest assured that the Robusta boots on your feet have passed rigorous safety tests and have been ‘field tested’ by 10,000’s of happy users.

Robusta Boots Product Review Video

For a short video review of the Robusta Boot range stocked at Patrol Store, please see the below.

To see the product pages, please visit Robusta Boots.

Robusta Boots Are Part Of Robusta's 'Scientific Footwear' Range

Robusta BootsThe Robusta safety boots for the police and security sector covers models from the Expert Gore-Tex, Special Desert and Special Motorcycle range of boots.

The Robusta Scientific Footwear range covers many styles from shoe to boot, and all are made with the best raw materials – such as full grain cowhide, and maximum thought to the comfort of the wearer – the foot bed of Robusta’s boots being ergonomic designed, highly absorbent and breathable, as well as being padded and shaped specifically to stimulate blood flow in the foot.

100% of the Leather and Nubuck used for manufacturing is European Origin.

Many Robusta boots come with additional options when ordering. For example, on some models you can choose to have an anti-perforation steel or textile midsole, steel or non-metallic toe cap and toe cap and anti-perforation midsole.

Robusta safety shoes are also antistatic and antibacterial.

The excellent quality procedures carried out by ROBUSTA® has enabled the company to obtain the triple safety and quality certifications:

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001:2004
OSHAS 18001:2007

ROBUSTA safety shoes also currently hold the following certifications with international recognition:

AQAP 2120 (NATO quality assurance requirements for production)
SA800 (Social Accountability)

ROBUSTA® boots and shoes also incorporate two patented technologies.

Metaprotector®: Protection, Comfort and Ergonomics and A.D.E. System®: Fully protection with Nitrile rubber but with the lightness of Polyurethane.

As you can imagine from the range, options, patented boot technology and recognised safety certifications, Robusta Scientific Footwear is already a popular choice in Europe.

We are sure Robusta boots and shoes are bound to make a big “impression” (pun intended!) in the UK.

Robusta Boots Range Now Exclusively Stocked At Patrol Store In The UK

Patrol Store currently stock three styles of Robusta boots, all of which feature Gore-Tex lining.

Robusta Circon GTX Boots Patrol Store

Robusta Circon GTX Boot

Robusta Marmol GTX Boots

Robusta Marmol GTX Boot

Robusta Travertino GTX Boots

Robusta Travertino GTX Boot

Robusta Circon Boots

The Robusta Circon Boot is a Gore-Tex lined full leather patrol boot with ankle height of 8 inches. The Robusta Circon GTX boot design features many scientific, comfort and design technologies. This means amongst many other things, the Robusta Circon boot boasts that 'little if any break-in time' is needed when purchasing and wearing these boots for the first time. One user has told us that wearing Robusta Circon boots gives a feeling of having your feet massaged whilst you walk. We can't say fairer than that!

Robusta Marmol Boots

The Robusta Marmol boot is a Gore-Tex lined, full leather, 9 inch patrol boot. The Robusta Marmol GTX Boot was designed initially for the Spanish BTP (Guardia Civil Police Force) to their stringent specifications and has been specifically designed to keep the user dry and comfortable whilst on duty in any conditions, (Spain's climate goes from dry and arid, to snowy and mountainous) so the Marmol boot is a great all round boot tested in various climates with the added ankle protection of a 9 inch boot.

Robusta Travertino Boots

The Robusta Travertino GTX Boot is a Gore-Tex lined, full leather 9 inch Patrol boot. This boot has been specifically designed to keep the user dry and comfortable whilst on duty in any conditions with the added ankle protection of a 9 inch boot. The Robusta Travertino also features a specially designed inner sole which helps stimulate blood flow in the feet to reduce tiredness.

Robusta Boots Review & Feedback

Feedback from our Patrol Store product testing team has been extremely positive (our team is drawn from serving personnel in all branches of the uniformed services) and a comment echoed several times about Robusta boots has been about quality and value for money. The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, as well as the attention to comfort and detail, stand Robusta boots out in the price bracket they occupy in the market.

See our boot listings above for further product descriptions and further information on our Robusta Scientific Footwear range.

For further details or questions about robusta boots, please contact us.