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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

Free Delivery Over £60.00

The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

Free Delivery Over £60.00
Free Delivery Over £60.00

What Is A Tactical Vest?

Tactical Vest ImageWhat is a tactical vest? Tactical vests are used heavily by the army, military and police in combat situations. A tactical vest is generally a piece of bullet proof clothing (designed to prevent bullets going through it) worn on the top half of a soldier’s or police officer’s body to protect his or her chest and back.

The term “Tactical Vest” is also commonly used for an outer garment worn by modern day police officers over their bullet proof vest area. Police officers adopting the idea from the military of having a garment covering the bullet proof vest, that also incorporated handy pockets, pouches and clips to accommodate the storage of essential items of equipment that police officers carry on a day to day basis whilst working in and out of uniform.

The problem being with attempting to use a tactical vest designed for the military as an UK police officer, is that there are more ammo pouches and fewer pocket book and assorted report book sized pouches on a tactical vest designed for combat purposes, than what a traditionally unarmed UK police officer can make use for!

Not all tac vest are made the same and the need for a tactical vest designed specifically for the police was obvious. The Op. Zulu Tactical Vest was the first tactical vest designed specifically with the needs of British police officers in mind.

Tactical Vest UK Standard Specific

Op. Zulu Tactical Vest ImageThe Op. Zulu Tactical Vest was designed by a specialist team of serving police officers and experienced product developers to overcome the problems with existing products and meet the needs of real police and security operatives.

The Op. Zulu Tactical Vest is designed to provide the user with a comfortable and secure system for overt carriage of essential PPE.

Designed to stand up to the toughest duties, the black Tactical Vest is packed with unique design features, to make life as easy and comfortable as possible during long shifts on foot or in and out of vehicles. For Monadnock Autolock batons and 26″ batons of all types, the extended Baton strap is required.

Key Features:

- Peter Jones Evo Klickfast docks – for radio holders and Klickfast accessories on both shoulders.
– Velcro adjustable shoulders and front for maximum fit adjustment and comfort.
– Hidden elasticated torch / glove holders in the shoulders.
– Elasticated Belt loops to aid retention and comfort whilst running or changing from standing to sitting.
– Epaulette bars and buttons to attach all styles of epaulettes and sliders.
– Manufactured to extremely high standards, utilising; tough 1000d Polyester and breathable Tactical Mesh.
– Innovative Rear Stash Pocket, perfect for gloves or contact cap when not being worn.
– CS spray pouch is suitable to hold a Peter Jones unit.
– Baton cross-drawn down for quick deployment. (Monadnock and longer batons require the extended baton retaining strap.)
– Combi Handcuff Pouch Suitable for speedcuffs and hinged cuffs
– Small pouch suitable for medical kits or limb restraints.
– Hidden elasticated pen / spare cuff key holders behind medical pouch
– D Rings for additional attachments – lanyards, carabiners or ID tags.
– Large water resistant zipped pockets behind equipment panels, ideal for document storage.
– Small Velcro patch on the front and a large Velcro patch on the rear allowing the user to attach their forces chosen colour scheme or specific patches.

Another popular vest is the Web-Tex Tactical Vest which is a copy of a very popular Blackhawk vest. It has 6 large ammo pouches that are velcro fastened for speedy access. These pouches will take the Colt M4/Diemaco 5.56 mags or AK 7.62 mags. The mag pouch flaps are also fully adjustable so it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a short mag or a long one, the flap will always sit correctly on the velcro.
The other 3 utility pouches are fairly low profile so they won’t get in the way. One of these has a removable shotgun cartridge holder. The shoulder pad ensures a firmly shouldered weapon. The back has a lace attachment that ensures it is adjustable and the mesh prevent overheating.

This vest is perfect for contract PSD operators.
6 large adjustable mag pouches
3 utility pouches
2 internal pockets
Side lace adjustment
Fully adjustable
One size fits all

Other Types of Tactical Vest Available

Patrol Store stocks a wide range of tactical vests suitable for various activities and environments.

If you are looking for a cheap tactical vest, then our range starts at an entry price of (at time of writing) £29.99 for an assault vest.

If you’re looking for an airsoft tactical vest, then many of our tactical vests aimed at the military and firearms units will be suitable for your needs.

Please click tactical vest history for further information on the development of tactical vests.

Look at PatrolStore’s tactical vest range to choose the one best suited to your needs.